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Readmill is closing its doors on July 1, 2014

Yet another beloved eReader app is closing its doors thanks to the sad reality of being financially unsustainable. This time it's Readmill, the open reading platform for iOS and Android that sought to give users an alternative to proprietary stores. With beautiful typography and a useful night readi...

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iBook Lessons: Advanced page flipping demo

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. Much as I love iBooks' beautiful page scrolling, there's always room for improvement. By studying the way people interact with real books -- browsing for information and adjusting pages while reading -- the developers of t...

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Kindle 8 for Mac adds gesture support

Amazon has released an update to its Kindle app for the Mac that includes support for gestures like panning and swiping on Macs that are running Lion or greater. Kindle users now also have the ability to view the richer formatting available in Kindle Format 8 books. Other changes include improv...

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Apple adds Quick Reads section to iBookstore, promotes short e-books

Apple has added a new "Quick Reads" section to the iBookstore, promoting short, inexpensive titles. The collection includes everything from manuals to short stories, each selling for US$5 or less. Amazon has featured short (typically 5,000 words or so), inexpensive titles as "Kindle Singles" for...

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Notre Dame embarks on a paperless course with iPads

The University of Notre Dame's yearlong study of eReaders in academics is starting the school year with a bang -- a course that will use the iPad as the only textbook students need. The course is entitled Project Management, and each of the 40 students enrolled will be given an iPad to use in lie...

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Reading a book is faster than reading an iBook

A study conducted by usability consultant Jakob Nielsen claims that reading on e-book readers like the iPad and the Kindle still doesn't match up to the reading speed of good old printed paper. The test chose 32 people (admittedly a small sample, but one that was felt to be representative of an e-re...

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iPad vs. Kindle: Which way to go?

In my post yesterday I touched on the likely long faces at Amazon H.Q. in Seattle. The iPad is something I'm sure they wished hadn't happened, but of course it did, and I thought I'd take a closer look at the competition between the Amazon and Apple devices. First off, if you were thinking of buy...

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BookReader for iPhone: You can't judge a book by its cover

We did a fairly extensive rundown of eBooks for the iPhone/iPod touch in August; you can take a look back if you're new to the eBook universe for Apple's mobile devices. BookReader [iTunes Link] , a US$4.99 app for devices running OS 2.21 or higher, has just joined the crowded eBook market -- bu...

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