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Voices that Matter iPhone: "From iPhone to iPad" panel

To end the first day of the Voices that Matter iPhone conference in Seattle last weekend, a group of veteran iPhone developers sat down for a roundtable panel and talked about the iPad. August Trometer (Yowza!!), Brent Simmons (NetNewsWire), Kyle Kinkade (Tap Tap Revenge), Daniel Pasco of Black Pix...

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Next talkcast: Parenting with Mac moms & dads

We had a fun time on the ol' TUAW talkcast last Sunday, with panelists Christina Warren, Dave Caolo, Erica Sadun and reader Brett Peters (yes, the broken iPhone guy). Brett had a sad saga of MacBook Air performance woes to tell -- his machine refused to run on two cores under moderate load, apparent...

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SendSong updated for 1.1.1

Just because Steve has promised to give us an SDK in February doesn't mean TUAW's own Erica Sadun is giving up on us. She's still going strong on getting more and more functionality onto the iPhone as we speak. Case in point: her new SendSong, which is updated from before to work with 1.1.1 and the ...

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Apple sends takedown notice to iPod hacker's ISP

Yesterday, Erica posted in her state of the iPod touch jailbreak that a hacker named "Martyn" had obtained a broken iPod touch, and was planning to dive in and download every bit of code on it in the increasingly complicated effort to put 3rd party applications on the iPod touch. He didn't plan to r...

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Connecting the Newton as a serial terminal

A little while back we linked to ByteCellar's Apple //c terminal, and now he's gone and put a Newton online. You can check out the whole setup in the gallery, but the short story seems to be that he hooked up the eMate 300 to a serial-to-USB terminal, and then ran it through his Mini. Pretty easy, h...

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