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A Cautionary Tale: Do not move or rename your iCloud folder

"As if it were a swarm of bees, you should stay away from the SyncServices folder.' -- Apple The moral of the story that I am about to tell is that Apple's advice about the SyncServices folder also applies to your iCloud documents. Here is the summary: "Do not move your iCloud folder. Do no...

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Invalid Keynote document? Calm down and try this fix

Let's set the scene: It's Monday morning, and you've been working tirelessly all weekend, tweaking and putting finishing touches on a big Keynote presentation that you'll be using at today's board meeting. Now that it's finished, you decide to run through it one last time, just to be safe. So y...

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Safari users seeing random '404 not found' on valid pages

For the past few weeks, I have run into a problem with links to coming up 404 "not found." Specifically, these have all been links to pages on For example, this morning I did a Google search for 10.7.3 combo. One of the first results was a link to http://suppor...

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iPhone 4S-specific iOS build is for "No SIM Card Installed" errors

Last Thursday Apple quietly issued a new build of iOS 5.0.1 specifically for the iPhone 4S. There were no release notes issued with the new build and users who had already installed and earlier build of 5.0.1 on their iPhone 4S couldn't update to the new one without restoring their iPhone. The ...

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Developers bemoan trouble with in-app purchases

Twitter was buzzing this morning about a problem with Apple's in-app purchasing system. According to the comments, Apple's receipt verification system is down and developers are losing potential sales. An unconfirmed report from Engadget suggests, Apple may be trying to purge the system of fake...

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iTunes servers appear to be wonky today

It started with a few tweets and progressed to our own internal tests, and it would appear as though Apple's iTunes servers are, at some level, not working properly. For me, it began with an all-too-familiar timeout while trying to update apps. Then I tried to download the currently-free Plasti...

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iTunes - the item you tried to buy is no longer available

I tried to update my iOS apps today using iTunes and was greeted with this error. Given that I had told iTunes to update all of the 60+ apps it told me were out of date, this was hardly helpful. There are a lot of things wrong with this error message. First of all, it gives me absolutely no idea wh...

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Sixteen new Apple patents, from CoverFlow to iDVD

The USPTO published a whole slew of new patent applications from Apple today, covering everything from iChat to some CoverFlow animation. Patently Apple has the whole writeup as usual. Probably the most interesting thing among them is a "virtual keyboard for media players" that uses a modified QWER...

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About the 1st generation iPhone/push notification post: an apology

On Tuesday evening, in the leadup to the release of the iPhone 3.0 firmware update, TUAW ran a post that included wrong information. The post stated that first-generation iPhone owners would not be able to use the push notification feature of 3.0 and receive phone calls at the same time. This was in...

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Timezone confusion baffles eager 3.0 downloaders

We're not innocent of error, and on occasion we create our own dramatic bits of fail, but in this case we can help clarify things: If you are visiting an "official Apple site" that shows a release date of June 18 for the iPhone 3.0 software update, take a closer look at that URL before you start jum...

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Firefox 3 and MobileMe not working? It might be Ubiquity plugin

While this might not be news for everyone, reader Brad and I seemed to be having the same problem: Using Firefox 3, we would see the "unsupported browser" message pictured while trying to use Obviously, Firefox 3 is a supported browser for MobileMe. A TUAW colleague gave it a try and found e...

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iPhone 101 (Canadian edition): Don't forget to sync with iTunes

For the past year when it comes to the iPhone, us Canadians have had to watch enviously as our American neighbors got to have all the fun. Well, no more! As of today I have joined the ranks of the enlightened -- at least, my wallet has been "lightened". I am, like many of you, a software junkie. As...

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Apple leaves placeholder text in a published MobileMe page, eh?

Canada has many things going for it: maple trees everywhere, single-payer health care system and a one-of-a-kind Apple page. One of our readers just tipped us about an error on the MobileMe signup completion page for Canada. Apparently, Apple's designers left in some placeholder text on the signup...

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What's Keeping Me? 1.0.5

Have you ever tried to empty the Trash on your Mac only to receive a dreaded message that said the trash couldn't be emptied because a file was in use? Well, "What's Keeping Me" hopes to solve this problem with it's advanced trash-error detection technology (we kid, it's really just magic). If yo...

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Mail slowing you down? Rebuild its database

Apple's flagship email client had me banging my head against a wall again when I finally dug up this tip on rebuilding's 'Envelope Index' SQLite database at Hawk Wings (If you're wondering what that file is all about, check out Hawk Wing's "What's in your Mail folder?" post). Forc...

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