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Tag: esata

CalDigit announces Thunderbolt Station 2

CalDigit makes some amazingly fast disk drives and arrays, usually featuring fast Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 connections to speed your data back and forth. Today the company announced the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 2 (US$199.99, pre-order for $169.99), a new docking station that goes a bit fur...

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LaCie's eSATA Thunderbolt Hub pushes data transfer to the max

The move from traditional I/O options toward Thunderbolt across the Mac line (with the notable exception of the Mac Pro) has meant some headscratching moments for users of high-end storage. Buying all-new Thunderbolt-ready RAIDs isn't an option for those on a budget, especially when there may b...

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Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus mini portable RAID solution

Newer Technology produces a wide variety of storage solutions for the Mac OS X world, and one new product is sure to be popular with anyone who needs the security of RAID storage in a portable package. The Guardian MAXimus mini is a rugged pint-sized RAID box using a pair of 2.5" SATA hard disk...

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LaCie eSATA Hub Thunderbolt now shipping

From the "it's about time" department, LaCie is finally shipping its Thunderbolt-equipped eSATA Hub, which will make those older drives hook up nicely to your new Thunderbolt display or Mac and maintain blazing transfer speeds. Full press release below. Show full PR text Upgrade Existi...

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3TB HD, triple SSD iMac turnkey drive upgrades available from OWC

In the never-ending search for bigger and faster storage options, Mac users have a number of sources for hard drives, but OWC has been a favorite for many Apple fans since the late 1980s. Now the company is offering a set of turnkey eSATA add-ons and upgrades for mid-2010 27" iMacs that should make...

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Drobo supersizes product line with the new, faster Drobo S and DroboElite

This morning, Data Robotics doubled the size of their Drobo storage line with two new products equipped with the proprietary BeyondRAID technology -- the Drobo S and the Drobo Elite. The Drobo S (at right) is a performance storage device designed to answer the question "Why isn't there a Drobo wi...

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Little Big Disk Quadra

Do you need a bus-powered 1 TB hard disk? You're in luck - LaCie announced the Little Big Disk Quadra today. Available in early July, the Little Big Disk Quadra uses a pair of drives in a RAID 0 configuration for speedy response. My personal concern is that if one of the two RAID drives goes out, y...

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