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Considering iPod etiquette

Newsvine user LT was recently inspired to compose his own version of iPod etiquette, after witnessing two specific events: A man who was listening to his iPod while sitting with friends in a noisy bar, and a younger boy who sat plugged in during dinner with his family in a restaurant (my parents wou...

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iPod etiquette at the office

It must be a slow news day because everyone is writing about iPod etiquette. USA Today, America's newspaper with the highest concentration of pie charts, has some tips for using your iPod at the workplace. It seems that those white earbuds might signal to baby boomers (who I suppose are out of touch...

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iPod etiquette is very...oh man, I love this song!

Ever been in a situation where some jerk in front of you is walking at a pace easily surpassed by that of a Macy's mannequin, and you can't seem to ask him to move aside because he's so engrossed in the latest "Barenaked Ladies" album playing on his iPod that he just can't hear you? What? ...

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