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Etón Rugged Rukus: Solid solar sound

TUAW has covered the alternative energy accessories from Etón before: the BoostTurbine is an excellent way to charge up an iPhone or iPad when the power is out, while the FRX3 acts as an emergency radio and has both solar cells and a hand crank for providing a charge to your iPhone when you...

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Mobile device power shines with Etón's new BoostSolar

It may rank closer to the "inconvenience" end on the post-disaster scale of challenges, but a lack of power for mobile devices certainly didn't help matters in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last year. Innovative devices like the BioLite camp stove made appearances on the streets of New York as ...

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Eton FRX3: Emergency power for your iPhone when you need it the most

If there's anything that nature teaches us, it's that our highly technological society is just an extended power outage away from complete chaos. Last fall's Hurricane Sandy left many on the East Coast of the US without power for weeks. No power at the home or office means no power for your iPh...

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Etón Rukus Solar Bluetooth Sound System powers your outdoor life

Etón is one of the few Apple accessory manufacturers that seems to be embracing photovoltaic (solar) technology to power its products. Earlier this year I reviewed Etón's Mobius case for the iPhone 4 and 4S, which features an 1800 mAh battery coupled with a solar charging panel to...

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