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Google Email Uploader for Mac available now

The Gmail of a few years ago was quite primitive in comparison to the current incarnation. Still, threading and a nearly-bottomless cup of storage space made it appealing despite early privacy fears. I use Gmail extensively nowadays, complete with a bunch of tweaks, add-ons and lab components. Probl...

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Mozilla Eudora/Penelope Mail client beta

A while back it was announced that the Eudora mail client was going Open Source and being redone from the ground up using technology from Mozilla Thunderbird on the back end. Now the first beta of Eudora 8, called Penelope, has been released for Mac and Windows. So if you're an old Eudora user with ...

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Qualcomm's Eudora goes free and open source

Qualcomm announced today that in 2007 they will begin releasing their esteemed email client, Eudora, as an open source and free application. The new version will be based on the same platform as Mozilla's Thunderbird and the final commercial versions of Eudora for both Windows (7.1) and Mac (6.2.4),...

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Mail annoyances

Dave at The Consultant has written a short rant regarding what he calls "minor annoyances" in Apple's Mail. First, he misses being able to page down from message to message with the space bar, Eudora-style. He also complains about Mail not warning him of invalid addresses prior to sending....

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