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iBooks Author 1.01 out with updated EULA

An incremental release for iBooks Author has been released with changes to the program's EULA. The update is 143.50 MB, which seems pretty hefty for a EULA change. The change is an important one though, clarifying that Apple has rights over the format a book is in, not the content. If someone want...

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Lion to allow two virtualized instances of Mac OS X per machine

The virtualization story for Mac OS X is about to change dramatically, and for the better, as Lion's licensing changes the rules for virtual machines. For some enterprise deployments, virtual Mac OS X environments are the Holy Grail: giving access to Mac-only applications on demand without havi...

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Richard Dreyfuss offers a dramatic reading of Apple EULA

License agreements are dull...until they're dramatically performed by an Academy Award-winning actor. The folks at CNET asked Richard Dreyfuss to read sections of an Apple EULA in dramatic fashion, and he obliged. The result is silly, hilarious and enjoyable. Don't miss the last section, "Effectiv...

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Apple to charge for future iPad OS updates

The Golden Master version of the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK has begun making its way to developers -- it's the shipping version of the software that these devs must use to create their killer iPad apps. At the same time Apple made the GM version of the SDK available, they also posted two other new files incl...

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Psystar dealt crushing blow in ongoing legal proceedings with Apple

Yesterday, Judge William Alsup, United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, dealt Psystar a crushing blow in its ongoing litigation with Apple over whether or not Psystar could market and sell non-Apple computers running modified copies of Apple's operating system. If you'r...

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Psystar, Apple file motions for summary judgment

Apple and Psystar have been embroiled in litigation for quite a while now. At the core of the dispute: Psystar modifies Apple's operating system software so that it can run on its clone machines. It then sells its computers with Mac OS installed to, well, anybody who wants one. As you can imagine, t...

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Snow Leopard: In EULA we trust

Just before the release of Snow Leopard, Uncle Walt Mossberg did the unthinkable by writing that the $29 Leopard upgrade: "will work properly on ...Tiger equipped Macs, so you can save the extra $140." We reported that as well but didn't have all the facts verified at the time. Gizmodo likened Wa...

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Psystar wins a battle, legal war just getting started

Previously in the Apple-Psystar legal battle, the clone maker amended its countersuit to charge that Apple was unfairly leveraging its copyright by binding Mac OS X to Mac hardware. On Friday, the federal judge assigned to the case ruled that the amendment will be heard by the court, a small victor...

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With new claims, Psystar tries another angle

You have to admire Psystar's tenacity. Since Judge William Alsup's decision to disallow federal antitrust claims against Apple in Psystar's countersuit, Psystar is amending its countersuit, alleging the misuse of copyright based on different antitrust claims. It boggles the mind. Apple is already ...

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Apple piles on Psystar, wins trademark suit

In yet another new facet to this already-draining legal battle surrounding Psystar's sales of non-Apple hardware that runs Mac OS X, Apple has amended its original suit after it discovered "additional information," according to Computerworld. Apple now claims Psystar circumvented Apple's copyright p...

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Psystar: What's the French Word for Lawsuit?

Yesterday, Mike posted about the new commercial hackintosh from Psystar. Many of our readers noted that, wow, that was a lawsuit waiting to happen -- or as Fake Steve put it, Psystar is French for "We're about to go out of business". Update 11 am Tuesday: InformationWeek is reporting that Psystar be...

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Vista EULA forbids virtualization

TUAW reader Rae pointed us to this post on the Parallels Virtualization blog, which confirms details of the end user license agreement that came to light last Autumn. Microsoft's EULA specifically forbids using Vista Home Basic and Vista Home Premium with virtualization technologies. This means that...

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Quark caves to customer wishes regarding licensing issue

Quark users who upgraded to Quark 7 from Quark 4, 5 or 6 will no longer be denied the legal use of their prior versions after they've installed Quark 7. In a press release issued earlier today, Richard Pasewark, Quark Senior VP of Sales (Americas) and Marketing said "this is in response to customer ...

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