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Apple expands App Store trademark in Europe

Two filings published by the European Trademark Office last week suggest the battle for the term "App Store" will expand to new product categories and new turf. Patently Apple reports that the first request from Apple, filed on March 30, expands the use of the term "App Store" from four internatio...

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Apple patent offers peek at E-Wallet icon... or does it?

Patently Apple is running another of its excellent, exhaustively detailed listings of Apple's recently awarded patents. In the description of one of the awards, the site pointed out what they believe is an icon for an "E-Wallet" app, possibly pertaining to a Near Field Communications (NFC)-based el...

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'I Am Rich' makes author exactly that, does little else

Got a cool grand to burn? Before you think about buying the brand-new app I Am Rich, there are a few charities I'd hope you consider. But if you truly have that kind of money to spend, you can buy an app that touts itself as "a work of art with no hidden function at all." I Am Rich sells for $999.9...

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TUAW Review: eWallet for iPhone

I recently wrote a post about Ilium Software, developer of longtime mobile apps eWallet and ListPro, and Apple's delays in getting their applications into the App Store. I don't take any credit (it was pure coincidence), but about 8 hours after my post eWallet showed up in the App Store. I purchased...

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