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Apple updates executive profiles page with more execs and diversity

Apple today added a number of new executive profiles to the Press Info part of its website, featuring a number of execs who haven't been in the limelight before. Among the additions to the profiles are the smiling group of happy Apple execs seen above, including Paul Deneve (previously CEO of Y...

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Angela Ahrendts begins her tenure as Apple's retail chief this week

Apple announced this past October that it had tapped Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to serve as the company's Senior VP of Retail. While there was some speculation as to just when Ahrendts would specifically assume her post, Tim Cook announced during Apple's earnings conference call last week that A...

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Apple's search for a new retail head inches forward

For about eight months now, the position of Senior VP of Retail at Apple has remained vacant. Back in October 2012, Apple unceremoniously dismissed John Browett from the position after just seven months on the job. Reports at the time indicated that Browett never quite meshed with the culture at A...

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Bob Mansfield leaves Apple's executive team, will assist Tim Cook

The biography for Bob Mansfield, Apple's senior vice president of technologies, unexpectedly disappeared from Apple's executive web page over the weekend. The removal of Mansfield's biography was first reported by MacRumors, and AllThingsD followed with an official statement from Apple that confir...

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Z2Live picks up former AAA execs, rebrands as Z2

Z2Live is the company behind some really big freemium hits on the iOS App Store, including Battle Nations and Trade Nations. The company has today announced that it's rebranding itself as Z2, dropping the "Live" and premiering a new brand identity on its new website. Beyond the rebranding, Z2...

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Bob Mansfield once again listed as SVP on Apple's site (Updated)

The friendly and familiar face of Apple's Bob Mansfield remained in Apple's gallery of executive portraits in the Apple web site's PR pages, sans title, despite his retirement from the company. Now he's officially de-retired and back in the executive suite. Mansfield was the senior vice preside...

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Ron Johnson, former Apple retail chief, rebuilding Apple staff at JC Penney

Ron Johnson left Apple as head of retail at the beginning of this month to run J.C. Penney, and apparently he's wasting no time rebuilding an Apple-style shop over there. The Wall Street Journal reports that he's aiming to bring both former Apple executives Daniel Walker and Michael Kramer on t...

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A look at Apple's "all-star" executives

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Jony Ive, and Steve Jobs are big names at Apple. These top executives are known around the technology industry and around the world for their operational excellence, marketing know-how, design genius and powerful reality distortion fields. While these four men often get ...

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Microsoft shuffling execs to better compete with Apple

Microsoft is reportedly shuffling around its upper brass to better compete against Apple and Google. The company is removing long-serving executives from their positions and promoting senior engineers from areas within the company that are struggling. This move is in response to pressure from Micros...

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Rumor: Cloud-based iTunes delayed until summer

Ever since Apple bought music-streaming service Lala, rumors of a cloud-based solution for iTunes have been floating around. And unfortunately, we don't have any official news on that yet (I know I'd use it -- I already share my library to all of my computers in-house anyway), but we do have more ru...

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GDC 2010: How to develop an app with EA Mobile

For the first panel of day two here at the 2010 Game Developers Conference's iPhone gaming track, Oliver Miao of Centerscore Studios took the stage to talk about working on Surviving High School for the iPhone as a part of Electronic Arts' Mobile division. As Miao made clear early on, he's an "insi...

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Apple tops Fortune's Most Admired Companies list again

For the third year in a row, Apple has topped the list of Fortune's Most Admired Companies. The list was based on a poll of 4,200 executives across the world's top companies, and by the highest margin ever, they picked the Cupertino-based "mobile device company" as the world's most admired brand. Ob...

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Microsoft hires ex-Apple real estate chief to consult on retail outlets

Microsoft's announcement that the company will open stores near the locations of existing Apple retail outlets came as no surprise to many people. After all, why not try to get a little overflow traffic from Apple Stores and sell a few Zunes in the process? Perhaps they'll have charming and pleasant...

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Businessweek puts Apple at top of Most Innovative list

Businessweek has posted a list of what they call the top 50 most innovative companies in 2009, and guess who is sitting right at the top of the list. Sure enough, it's our favorite computer maker -- according to the survey, taken by "senior executives around the world," Apple is number one, and the ...

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Jobs close to winning iTMS pricing war?

The New York Post is reporting that the record companies "might be on the verge" of finally throwing in the towel on the fight for variable pricing in the iTMS. The labels are reportedly pulling out all the stops, with some executives even telling the Post that they are considering allowin...

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