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Tag: exercise

Track your fitness achievements with MetricMe

Most of us are competitive whether we are playing tennis or golf, video games, or just about in everything we do. However working out and getting fit is an individual activity. You can only measure your success or failures against yourself. MetricMe is a free universal app running on iOS 7.0 tha...

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Get fit with friends with BattleFit

Now you can turn your daily workouts into a friendly competition with BattleFit. The universal app runs on iOS 6.0 or later and is a free download. In BattleFit you will find a four different levels of workouts available, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom. Each level contains eleve...

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Get motivated to get moving with Movn

Movn: Simple Pedometer & Movement Goal Coach wants to help you become more active. All of us have decided at some point to increase our daily activity by taking a long walk, or jogging, or riding a bicycle, or yoga, or any number of activities. But how many of us have failed to follow throug...

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Serious about getting in shape? Get Custom Fit

This free universal app is not intended for those of us who work out occasionally but are not really all that serious about getting in top shape. Custom Fit and Custom Fit Pro, a US$1.99 upgrade are aimed at the people who are dedicated to working out regularly and targeting specific muscle grou...

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Run, walk, and jog with the stars via Spring

The class I hated most in high school (well, besides math) was gym. I had zero hand-eye coordination, I never liked sports, and I got very out-of-breath every time we were tested on the mile run. Maybe it was the testing aspect, or maybe it was because I never fit in with the uber-athletic culture...

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CARROT fit 2.0 wants to you exercise, meat bag

OK, flabby human. It's time to get fit. Last February we reviewed CARROT fit, the judgmental fitness app from CARROT. As we said last time, its methodologies aren't for everyone. The app uses humor and motivational ribbing to get you moving. I think it's funny, especially when my electronic fitne...

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Here are all the places you go running and biking with your iPhone

Strava is one of the most popular exercise apps on the iPhone, so after years of users recording their own running and biking habits, the company has a whole lot of data on its hands. Using nearly 20 million recorded exercise routes from its software across iOS, Garmin GPS devices, and Android, th...

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Moves is taking M7 motion data to the next level with latest update

Perhaps the best thing about the iPhone 5s is its M7 motion coprocessor. It's the little chip that lives inside the 5s that constantly tracks all your motion data, whether you are walking, running or on some kind of mechanical transport (like a car or a train). While the M7 does its job, users nee...

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Quick Fit is a seven-minute workout app with room for expansion

If you're into the trendy seven-minute workout concept, Quick Fit is a new US$0.99 app that breaks down these exercises into easily digestible bites. While there are free apps featuring this brief, but intensive workout, this one stands out from the rest with its clean design and its opportunity ...

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Nike announces new iPhone-ready Fuelband SE

Fitness fans, this one's for you. Nike revealed the new Fuelband SE at a Nike+ event in New York City. Coming in a variety of highlight colors, the device is meant to get users up and moving. The water-resistant device features Bluetooth 4.0 for low-power connectivity, improved LEDs and a re-desig...

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Noom Weight for iPhone is a calorie counting app that could benefit from bulking up

Noom Weight for iPhone is a simple, free app that lets you log calorie intake, weight and exercise. It's based on the Noom Weight Coach app for Android, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Android app has. The idea behind the Noom Weight app is that by logging your daily food and...

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Daily iPhone App: Milekeeper lets you ride the Tour de France as you exercise

I'm always looking for new ways to keep a workout fresh -- a new routine or an interesting challenge that'll make my running less boring. One app that added some spice to my exercise routine is MileKeeper, a mileage tracker that shows your distance on a virtual route. MileKeeper ships with severa...

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Viiiiva heart rate monitor works with iOS and sport watches

When it comes to exercise, there are plenty of iOS apps that can do everything from tracking your running or biking speed to estimating calories burned, but when it comes to ensuring your workouts are worth it, no metric is more important than your heart rate. With that in mind, fitness tech compa...

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Daily iPhone App: Fitocracy uses community and game-like challenges to keep you active

Every year, people add exercise to the top of their list of New Year's resolutions. Most people kick off their fitness programs with a bang, but they slowly fizzle out after the novelty wears off. Up your odds of ending 2013 with a healthier you using Fitocracy, an iPhone app that turns your fi...

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Just in time for New Year's, RunKeeper upgraded to 3.0

Around New Year's Day, many of us desire to do something to make ourselves better. That means resolutions are written (that are usually broken within a few weeks) to eat better, drink less and exercise more. The best app for tracking exercise and sharing it with friends, RunKeeper (free), has jus...

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