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The most expensive iPad apps

Are you rich? Or just can't control your spending habits? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions and own an iPad, I've got some apps to show you. has compiled a list of the ten most expensive iPad apps. The apps range in price from US$299.99 all the way up to $999.99...

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Colorware now painting iPad 2s

Our friends at Engadget report that the fine folks at ColorWare are now ready to color your iPad 2 however you'd like. ColorWare's skinning process is super-high quality, and you can basically customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, or even front home button...

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No Comment: A diamond-encrusted iPhone 4

So, Apple's free bumper case wasn't enough for you? Do you want to encase your iPhone in something a little more ... erm, maybe "classy" isn't necessarily the word for this one. At any rate, as you can see above, customizer Stuart Hughes has enwrapped this iPhone 4 in over 500 diamonds (totaling ov...

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iPort: Wall-mounted home automation for iPad

I have already seen the iPad used in home automation -- Savant is using an iPad app to hook up to some of their home automation systems, using Apple's tablet to control the TV, a whole entertainment system, or even do some remote control of house lights or HVAC, or even monitor cameras remotely wit...

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The Onion: Apple announces Friend Bar

The Onion makes with the funny in this satirical video short about the "Apple Friend Bar," a new section of Apple Stores where Apple fans can go to discuss major issues at length, such as how much better Safari is than any other browser, or "what 'the Woz' has been up to." As usual, they pretty m...

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Apple updates MobileMe Gallery app

MobileMe has some great features, but Apple needs to stay on top of it to keep it competitive with other services. It's a bit pricey and hasn't changed all that much over the last couple of years, so new features are always worthy of notice. Fortunately, Apple made one small step for mankind by r...

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DirecTV NFL Mobile: The most expensive free app in the world

DirecTV, which I love dearly and which supplies signal to eight screens in my house, has just announced the NFL Mobile app [iTunes link] which doesn't go live until September 13th (although you can download it now). Once working, the app will let you watch live streams of all NFL Sunday Ticket foo...

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iTunes Video Stores coming to France

Over at MacGeneration, Christophe Laporte and his friends have discovered a nearly-live French iTunes Video Store. If you'd like to check it out yourself, search the store for "desperate" and click on Les Saisons TV. France will join the UK and Germany with transatlantic video stores. Episode prici...

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Get a Jawbone with your iPhone

One of our Weblogs, Inc. designers sent a Twitter the other day bragging that his new Aliph Jawbone had appeared on his doorstep. After a quick Google search, I realized he wasn't talking about a new part of his anatomy, but rather a hot little Bluetooth headset. They don't get slicker than this-- n...

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