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Provision profile expiration time: does it leave you wondering?

Back when the iPhone Developer Program was first announced, developer provisions (the 'permission slips' that allow developers to distribute pre-release builds of apps in progress) lasted one year. It seemed natural to have a one year expiration, as our developer memberships also lasted one year. ...

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Mobile Me debuts large file sharing with iDisk

Apple yesterday announced a new addition to Mobile Me: The ability to share large files with others via iDisk. One of our readers had noticed an announcement about it way back on New Year's Day. The service works much like YouSendIt, though rather than uploading a file, you point to an existing f...

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Dashcode beta expired on schedule

Niclet sends a note that yes, Dashcode's December 2006 v0.9 beta did in fact expire as expected last night. That sound you heard around 12:01 am was actually widget developers everywhere crying out in pain. Well, not exactly everywhere, as apparently there is still a working version of Dashcode in t...

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