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Apple most assuredly NOT slapping family with "gagging order" over iPod fire

Across the pond in the UK, in what may be a bit of a legal "lost in translation," an 11-year-old girl was using her iPod when, according to her, there was a hissing noise and an ominous pop. It rapidly heated, and then allegedly jumped 10 feet into the air. She was left with a melted mass of unplaya...

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Working iPod trapped in resin for art's sake

Engadget brings us this exploded iPod (that poor site is getting beat up today), which has been dissembled and placed in a protective block of carbonite translucent resin. Why? Don't ask why-- it's, like, art, man. Billy Chasen is the artist in question, and here's the best part of the whole story...

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