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Foxconn sees financial drop after plant explosion

Foxconn saw a large drop in revenue after the explosion at its Chendgu plant last month, according to Digitimes. Foxconn's May revenues dropped 2.14 percent month-over-month to US$6.95 billion. The revenue fall off was a direct result of the explosion, according to the company. The explosion th...

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China urges Foxconn to ensure worker safety

It's been another rough week for Foxconn, Apple's biggest manufacturing partner. After an explosion at a Foxconn factory killed three workers last Friday, the Chinese government urged the manufacturer and other Taiwanese companies to better ensure the safety of their employees. "We hope Foxco...

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Apple issues statement on Foxconn explosion

Apple has issued a statement to All Things Digital regarding the tragic explosion that occurred at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu, China earlier today. The explosion killed 2 workers and injured at least 16 others. In the statement Apple said: "We are deeply saddened by the tragedy at Foxconn'...

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Foxconn Chengdu plant fire, possible explosion

Via MacRumors and M.I.C Gadget, there are reports coming in of a substantial fire and possible explosion at a Foxconn plant that is said to be dedicated primarily to iPad 2 production. M.I.C Gadget has several video clips of the scene, including smoke billowing from a building, people evacuat...

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Report: iPhone 4 burst into flames, faulty USB port blamed

The above picture is from from Boy Genius Report, who claim they received it from an AT&T Store employee dealing with a customer who said their iPhone 4 had spontaneously burst into flames. As you can see above, the adapter cable is completely melted, and the iPhone's stainless steel antenna ba...

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Macferno: Cable Modem explodes destroying PowerBook

On November 16, an OnDeckTech 24x7 help desk technician received a call from a distraught PowerBook owner whose laptop had just been destroyed, trying to see if she could recover any of her data. Her 80GB 15-inch PowerBook, her two Maxtor external 300GB drives and her 160GB LaCie Porche drive had a...

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Exploding Shuffle

Kids, take care of your iPods. They entertain you, keep you company, and act as a status symbol (even though you deny it). And, if one day your shuffle decides to go belly up, lay it to rest peacefully by sending it to the big iPod recycling plant in the sky. What you should by no means do is attemp...

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