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Beta Beat: Aperture2Gmail 0.8

If you love Aperture (or iPhoto) like we do, then you know that there are some nice plug-ins that allow you to export pictures to differing photo sites (i.e. Flickr, etc.). However, if you use Gmail's web based e-mail service, then you are out of luck ... until now! Aperture2Gmail (or iPhoto2Gmail)...

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Safari2OPML 2.0 - export your Safari RSS feeds

Safari2OPML is a handy utility that can export your Safari RSS feeds to a fairly standard OPML, good for importing into virtually any other RSS reader. I say 'virtually' only because, in my RSS travels, not all readers digest OPMLs alike. Even Safari2OPML's page at FreeSMUG (Free OpenSource Software...

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Fraser Speirs: "who wants me to make an ApertureExport?"

Fraser Speirs, creator of the highly useful FlickrExport and other apps, is asking for feedback on his blog as to whether users would be interested in a similar ApertureExport app. He warns that ApertureExport wouldn't be quite as well tied into Aperture as FlickrExport is to iPhoto, and this is due...

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