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Mac OS X Lion and Mission Control

Lion's Mission Control represents the evolution of three technologies introduced with earlier versions of Mac OS X: Spaces, Exposé and Dashboard. With Mac OS X Lion, Apple has merged the three into a single interface, called Mission Control. It offers an at-a-glance overview of the applicat...

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Expose on jailbroken iPhones with Multiflow

This app requires a jailbroken iPhone, but it's pretty neat. Multiflow brings Expose-like functionality to iOS 4.0.1. Installation should be familiar to anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. Enter Cydia and search for "Multiflow." It is a paid app, so bring your US$4.99. Once installed, you'll wa...

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Rumor: Apple's iPhone 4.0 to support multitasking, Expose-like interface

Rumors are flying hot and heavy about a new update coming to the iPhone this summer. AppleInsider has another big rumored feature: Multitasking. According to their sources, Apple will finally introduce third-party multitasking on the new iPhone. Of course, they're doing it the way that they want to ...

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Three ways to disable Expose and Dashboard

A friend wrote to ask: Is there a way to turn off Expose without opening System Preferences, clicking on each drop-down menu and selecting the -- option? Because sometimes I just don't need it. Or it confuses my Mother. Or my advisor. To be clear, she knows that she could go to System Preferences &...

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Eliminate the blue outer glow in Exposé

One of the more questionable changes that was introduced in 10.6 Snow Leopard was a soft, blue glow that appears around application windows when using Exposé. Previously, in 10.5 Leopard, the entire Window was highlighted blue; now, however, the Exposé window previews are able to updat...

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Apple's top technical feats of the decade

We're well into 2010 (OK, 4 days), but there's still a few more lists and "top tens" of the last decade to clean up. One of the more interesting Apple-related wrapups is this list by Fraser Spiers, showing off Apple's best technical feats of the past decade. There's certainly tons of technical inno...

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Found Footage: Expose-esque UI for iPhone app management

Oh, so tempting. Engadget and Slashgear link to this video from our friend Steven Troughton-Smith: Exposé-style app management running on a jailbroken iPhone. No, you can't download it anywhere yet; no, we don't know when it will be ready for prime time and available on the Cydia repo; no, w...

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Snow Leopard 101: Application Switcher Exposé

One of the refinements in Snow Leopard is a slightly under-the-radar trick for using Exposé from the Application Switcher. The Application Switcher is a quick way to jump between open applications, similar to the Windows Alt-Tab (at least that's what it was last time I used Windows). On a Mac...

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Mac 101: Spaces for your screen and brain

Have you ever needed more room on your screen? Or have you ever needed a way to organize all the stuff you are working on with your Mac? Mac OS 10.5, aka Leopard, debuted a feature called Spaces: a way of creating extra screens on your Mac. Think of them as virtual workspaces, where you can easily...

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Mac 101: Drag an entire application from one space to another

Spaces is a very nice way to manage all of your Mac's applications. You can have certain applications set to open in certain Spaces, and you can drag windows between spaces by clicking the Spaces application icon in the Dock (or menu bar). But did you know there is a simple way to drag all of appl...

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Mac 101: Switching apps within Exposť

By now, everyone knows about the awesome power/productivity achieved by using Exposé. Well, here is one time saver that Apple built into OS X which you might not have known about. After you invoke Exposé by using either the Exposé key, F9, or F10, pressing the tab key will cycl...

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Beta Beat: Parallels releases Beta2, with Shared Folders improvements

Parallels has dropped a new version of their beta release, and it looks good. In addition to a Coherence improvement that now lets any Windows window appear in full preview style on the Dock (as well as show up in Exposé), Windows and OS X can now share the contents of their home folders. T...

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TabExposť: Safari gets Exposť for its tabs

Move over Shiira, cuz there's another browser in town that can bring the power of Exposé to its tabs. Cocoamug Software's TabExposé enables Safari (even the new v3 beta) with a configurable shortcut key to display the current window's tabs in an Exposé-style layout. To be sur...

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Google Summer of Code kicks off with Camino, Adium, Thunderbird and more

Google's Summer of Code is a really cool, really massive project focused on open source that first started back in 2005. It functions on a pretty simple concept: the company gives out grants to student developers (this summer they brought on 900 from a list of 6,200 applicants) to work on open sourc...

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The Little Things: Infinitely large targets

Some of the unsung wonders of working in Mac OS X are the features influenced by Fitts' Law. I first saw this concept mentioned and articulated by John Gruber in his Fitts's Law and the Apple and Spotlight Menus portion of a Tiger Details page he was maintaining after the launch of 10.4. In fact, ...

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