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Moshi's IonBank 5K with Lightning Connector: No need to carry cables

With literally hundreds of iPhone/iPad battery packs available, it takes something special to get this reviewer excited. Moshi's IonBank 5K with Lightning Connector (US$88.95) has enough power stored up to give your iPhone 5 a few full charges, and it does it all without you having to lug around a...

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TravelCard Charger is the battery you'll always have with you

Samsung's recent "wall hugger" TV ad is, unsurprisingly, quite misleading. Many of Samsung's smartphones get their extra battery life not from better design, but from replaceable internal battery packs. In the iPhone world, those battery packs are external, so to be safe from "wall hugging" you ne...

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Limefuel Rugged L150XR battery pack: Designed for adventure

Of the many external battery packs that we see here at the TUAW Labs, just about all of them are designed not for use out in the real world, but in offices and homes. Take any one of the packs that we've reviewed over the years and expose it to the conditions you'd find in the field -- rain, dust,...

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Kanex GoPower Pack: Review and giveaway

TUAW reviews a lot of external battery packs, so it takes something new and interesting to get me excited. That "new and interesting" recently arrived in the form of a press release from accessory manufacturer Kanex touting the company's new line of external battery packs. The Kanex GoPower Pack (...

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Neptor Portable Battery Pack proves power accessories can be stylish

Portable battery packs used to give your iPhone or iPad an extra boost when you need it have a tendency to be rather plain. Most are black or silver and consist of a box with a couple of USB ports and LEDs. What if you could get a battery pack that's a bit more stylish? That seems to be the market...

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Digital Treasures ChargeIt! charges all of your Apple devices ... and more

Like my Food Network hero Alton Brown, I'm a real fan of multitaskers; those devices that can be used for more than one purpose. In this review, I'll take a look at the new ChargeIt! 3600 mAh Power Bank (US$49.95), which definitely fits the description of a multitasker. The idea behind the Charge...

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Exogear's Exovolt Plus: The stackable external battery pack arrives

There are a ton of external battery packs for iPhones and iPads. I remember the good old days when it seemed like the only packs available were little blobs that you'd plug into the bottom of an iPhone to keep it going for a few more hours. Now everybody and their brother-in-law has an external...

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Satechi's Portable Energy Station ups the ante for external power

Just about every time I turn around, there's another new external battery pack for iOS devices that has more storage capacity than the previous capacity leader. Yesterday, accessory manufacturer Satechi came out with the Portable Energy Station, a relatively inexpensive (US$49.95) external batt...

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Mo' power from mophie: juice pack powerstation duo, mini

The hits just keep coming from accessory manufacturer mophie: they've announced two new power packs to keep your iOS devices purring happily. The juice pack powerstation duo (US$99.95) and juice pack powerstation mini ($59.95) are the latest in a series of external battery packs designed to pro...

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Mophie juice pack powerstation PRO: A big gas tank for your gizmos

We test a lot of external power packs here at the top-secret TUAW labs, most of which are just powerful enough to top off an iPhone or iPod touch. But what if you need enough juice to top off a couple of iPhones or an iPad? That's where Mophie's new juice pack powerstation PRO (US$129.95) comes in...

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