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Decompress with The Unarchiver

When I was asked to review The Unarchiver 2.7, a free decompression utility from Dag Ågren/WAHa, I thought "Who needs this program, when Mac OS X opens most common archive formats?" I quickly found out that thousands of people rely on The Unarchiver to do tasks that lie beyond the scope of b...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: TinyExpander

Every Mac comes with a built-in file compression utility, but its decompression support is limited. We've featured a perennial favorite, the Unarchiver before on the Daily Mac App, but today we'll take a look at a new kid on the Mac App Store block, TinyExpander. Just like the Unarchiver, Tin...

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Better Together at Amazon: Marmite yeast extract and .Mac?

Amazon must be testing some new accessory recommendation algorithms, as they have really branched out on this one: Reg Hardware in the UK has a story about Amazon UK's engine recommending Marmite, a popular sandwich-topping yeast extract in England, with a .Mac subscription. While I don't recommend...

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