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Review: Elgato's EyeTV Mobile for Dyle

Elgato has been making video hardware for a number of years, and typically I've found the offerings to be as good as any given consumer would need. As hardware has gotten better, Elgato's offerings have been able to pump out HD signals to your Mac or iOS device. Here I'll review an odd duck, a ...

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Elgato releases EyeTV Mobile for iPad, iPhone

Elgato used Germany's IFA 2012 tradeshow as a springboard to announce a new version of its EyeTV Mobile product for the iPhone and iPad. The dongle connects to the dock connector and lets a user receive DVB-T broadcasts on their iOS device. Due to improved chip technology, the latest version of...

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TUAW and MacTech interview: Elgato

Elgato is currently celebrating the tenth anniversary of its EyeTV product. EyeTV is now a line of hardware and a set of apps for Mac and iOS which allow you to watch and record TV. Elgato makes other products as well, like capture devices and storage. In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-C...

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Elgato Game Capture HD delivers easy HDMI recording to OS X

Talk about off-label use: I own neither an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. These are the normal devices associated with Elgato's Game Capture HD box. Retailing for US$200, the box lets you hook up an HDMI video source to record your interactions with your favorite gaming system. For me, I wanted t...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me dual tune

Dear Aunt TUAW, What the heck is going on with eyeTV why after 3-4 years of promises do they still not support dual tuners, or channel sorting? i've tried to reach out to elgato in various different digital ways, but to no avail, does TUAW have any contacts they could touch on to figure this...

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Elgato EyeTV Mobile streams live TV to iPads

Elgato, makers of the EyeTV line of accessories, has announced EyeTV Mobile for the iPad 2. Consisting of a dock connector dongle with a built-in TV antenna, the accessory will allow iPad 2 owners to watch live TV anywhere via a forthcoming EyeTV Mobile app on the App Store. The accessory and...

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Create quality iPad 2 product demos with Apple TV and EyeTV

After much effort, we've found a solid TUAW solution for screencasting the iPad 2 to desktop computers. Steve Sande and I have been documenting our attempts at this challenge for several months now. Back in March, Steve got basic 480p mirroring working. I then improved that to 720p/720i, alth...

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Elgato HDHomeRun lets you record live digital TV over network

Elgato has just announced a new product that will let you watch and record digital TV in full high-definition on any computer on your home network. HDHomeRun is a dual tuner that connects to both your cable TV or digital TV antenna and your network router, and then streams live TV over Wi-Fi or ...

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How to: Capturing iPad video with audio narration

Recently, Mike Rose asked me to check out an ongoing discussion over at the Telestream forums to see if I could assist one of the posters. Mike knew that Steve Sande and I were working on testing out a variety of iPad-to-computer screen capture solutions. He thought I might be able to help out ...

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EyeTV for iOS 1.2.3 released, introduces AirPlay support

Today, Elgato released version 1.2.3 of its iOS EyeTV software. Now available for download from iTunes, the US$4.99 EyeTV app finally adds the highly-requested AirPlay support so many customers have been looking for. EyeTV's iOS app works with your home computer, allowing you to view programs r...

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iPad 2 mirroring: Capturing video in higher definition

Co-blogger Steve Sande and I have been collaborating on our attempts to find a solid solution that allows iPad 2 owners to use the screen mirroring feature in tandem with a computer video capture tool; this would simplify screencasting, training, recording and scores of other things. Steve was lo...

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TV on your iPad: A roundup of useful apps

The iTunes Store is a great place to find episodes of TV shows that you might have missed, or even catch up on past seasons, but it's only one of several options available. Netflix offers a free iPad app to watch movies and TV shows for those who have signed up for their $8/month streaming service (...

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GOAL! EyeTV filters out the vuvuzelas at the World Cup

Just in time for the US to advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup (sorry, Algeria), Elgato offers a special edition of its EyeTV software that does what just about everybody (who's watching the World Cup) wants: filter out those horrible plastic horns while you're watching the games live throug...

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My new EyeTV set-up, and why Comcast's digital transition is a pain

On Monday, Colorado cable customers transitioned into a new digital world. Comcast switched off analog access to all but its most basic channels, i.e. the ones that they are still required to carry by law, and killed the clear-QAM signal that has made it possible for my EyeTV tuner to schedule an...

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ETVComskip and PyeTV are great add-ons for EyeTV

As Erica mentioned earlier, Elgato's EyeTV hardware/software bundles will let you record your TV programming, either over the air or via your cable/satellite box depending on the exact product and setup you have. The latest hardware from the company is the EyeTV HD, which will capture HD video of...

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