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Square Enix uses your face for action in Bloodmasque

Square Enix's Bloodmasque was undoubtedly the strangest game I saw at E3 last week, and in a year defined by indie titles and two new HD consoles, I think that's saying something. Square Enix has had a weird time with the App Store -- other companies like Capcom and EA have found a lot of success ...

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Apple going after face detection patent on iOS

Patently Apple has a report on Apple's latest just-revealed patent application for a system that runs on iOS devices that would recognize user faces and their local presence (originally filed in Q2 of 2010, released by the USPTO this week). It sounds like the old Minority Report gag, where your...

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iPhoto '09 uses face detection package from Omron

An intrepid tipster emailed us late yesterday, and described an interesting challenge: He figured that if Apple didn't develop iPhoto's face recognition technology themselves, who did? He disassembled the app using OTX, a developer tool based on Apple's otool, and found the areas of the software rel...

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