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Today's Zen moment brought to you by AT&T's iPhone 4S activation (Updated)

A few days ago, we reflected on how a calm and patient attitude could help you weather the crises of iOS 5 and OS X 10.7.2 updates. The same advice holds true today. With AT&T and Apple struggling to handle the overwhelming demands, you may experience some delays while trying to activate ...

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Shazam violates Developer Agreement, blames Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock happened to notice a push notification on his iPhone after installing Shazam. He checked it and it turned out to be an advertisement that had popped up. Since it didn't seem like expected behavior (push notification of an advert?), Jeff tweeted the Shazam folks to ask about it. Instead ...

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Want free coffee and got an iPhone? Use Jonathan's Card (Updated)

Update from Editor-in-chief: According to evidence surfaced via Coffeestrategies.com, this was supposedly a "viral marketing campaign." While we strive to verify sources before posting, it appears we were too eager to believe this "social experiment" was legitimate (and others have been in the ...

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Use a Smart Cover to stick your iPad to the fridge

OK, so this one definitely comes under the heading "Don't try this at home," with the sub-heading "Unless you're completely crazy ... and even then maybe not." That's right, that's what the picture shows: someone's worked out that the bevy of magnets in an iPad 2 Smart Cover are strong enough...

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PC World placement inadvertently suggests you get a Mac

Credit: FAILblog It's Friday, and a little levity seems appropriate: the FAILblog has posted an image of a newsstand where the cover of PC World, which touts the "Best upgrades for your buck," clearly points to Macworld (and it's apparent this picture was taken some years ago, as the upgrade in ...

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iPhone 4 launch takes place in New Zealand, but confusion reigns down under

Imagine if Apple's handset prices in the US weren't announced at WWDC, and the subsidy pricing was up to AT&T. Imagine if AT&T told potential iPhone customers that the iPhone 4 would launch on July 30, and pricing info would be released well in advance of that. Now imagine the weeks leadi...

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TUAW Review: StuffIt Deluxe 2010

If there's one Mac application that has seemingly been around forever, it's StuffIt. This compression and archiving utility was the tool to use for compressing files years ago, and I'll still occasionally run into a .sit file extension when pulling up old files. The original application was the sour...

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Pingdom posts insight into latest Mobile Me outage

Despite the server-side updates Apple detailed last week, the company's beleaguered Mobile Me service is still problematic for many users. Yesterday, we received a number of e-mails complaining that Apple's Me.com domain was reporting 404 errors. Today, the fine folks at Pingdom.com (which monitors ...

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Oxygen deprivation and iPod hatred

Climbing the tallest mountain on earth is no small feat, and is certainly something to be proud of, but it's not without its risks; most of which stem from the extremely low Oxygen content in the air in "The Death Zone" above 22,000 ft. Unfortunately, it seems that Neal Muller, a grad student at UPe...

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