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Tag: failure

Apple needs to learn how the Internet works before iCloud evaporates

Last week a former Apple employee posted a scathing breakdown of Apple's cluelessness in cloud services. The article notes that Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is learning to grok cloud services. Let's see, we've gone through iTools (yes, I'm ignoring eWorld), dot mac (th...

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Why my next Mac won't be a notebook

Apple's products are widely hailed as better-built and more reliable than other manufacturers' devices, with greater longevity, better build quality and a lower incidence of device-killing defects. Ask most Mac owners, and they'll tell you their experiences with their machines have been almost ...

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Don't trust the critics: Four Apple products they thought would fail

Ever since the iPad's introduction a month and a half ago, the internet has been awash in criticism of the as-yet-unreleased device. "It's just a big iPod touch," many have said. "No Flash, no multitasking, no sale," others bemoaned. And a few have gone so far as to say, "It doesn't do a lot of th...

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Pssst. Want to win a 1.5TB SATA drive?

Volitans Software has announced a giveaway to publicize their hard disk diagnostic utility, SMART Utility for Mac. Between now and 11:59 PM EST on December 24th, you can enter a giveaway in which the winner gets a choice of either a new Momentus 5400.6 SATA 500GB laptop hard drive or a Barracuda 720...

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Why the iPhone should tank

Doctor Macenstein has a very good commentary up: even though he's a happy iPhone owner, he wants the iPhone to fail. Fail miserably. In fact, he was cheering on the news during the earnings announcement yesterday that Apple completely missed their analysts' fever dream-induced goal for iPhone sales....

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iPod USB Power Adapter Beats Zune on Amazon

By all accounts, the Zune has been and will be a big failure for Microsoft, and now there is hard retailer data to back that up. Tucked inside a MarketWatch article on APPL's all-time high and the prominence of the iPod is this absolutely delectable statistic: "...Microsoft's new Zune media player, ...

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Why Sony Connect failed

Cnet has a great article up detailing how Sony's Connect (their answer to iTunes) failed so miserably. Sony, by all rights, should have the position in digital music that Apple has, but a series of missteps ensured that Sony would be... well not so successful. They tried, they really did. They hired...

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