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Apple played favorites with iPad access

Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza has an insightful look at something that no one's really noticed yet: Apple definitely played favorites when it came to sharing the iPad. Here's the list of outlets and writers that got access to the iPad for an early review. You'll note that Boing Boing is on there, a...

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Fake Steve Jobs to be a TV show

Dan Lyons, better known as blogger Fake Steve Jobs, has apparently signed a deal with Seinfeld writer Larry Charles to create a half-hour, single camera, satirical TV show about a Silicon Valley hotshot. As of now, Lyons is only writing the pilot script for the series, but since it's called "iCON,"...

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Wallstrip interviews Fake Steve Jobs

Those stock obsessed folks at Wallstrip, the daily video blog about all things Wall Street, have posted a short interview with the man behind Fake Steve Jobs. If you don't want the illusion of FSJ to be shattered you shouldn't watch this video, but it is very entertaining. You'll find out why FSJ s...

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