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iPhone 3G mini? Looks legit to me

Apparently all you need to do to knock off an imaginary Apple product is put "Mini" on the back in really crappy vinyl lettering. [Photo credit: Juska Wendland]...

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I bought a fake Mophie Juice Pack (so you don't have to)

I find it wryly amusing that the first phone I ever owned with a sealed-in, non-swappable battery -- the iPhone, of course -- was also the first phone with a battery life so short as to warrant the ability to swap the battery. Hence the commercial popularity of battery cases like the various Mo...

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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: Fakers gotta fake a next-gen iPhone dock adapter

Remember the fake "iPhone 5 website leak" from last year? To briefly summarize, Apple was supposed to have screwed up last August, with some unlucky soul in the web commerce group posting the "iPhone 5" section early on the Apple Store, accessible only through the internet equivalent of the Kon...

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Police break up fake iPhone ring in China

Chinese police have arrested five members of an organized gang that was making and selling fake iPhones. The members would buy components, some of them genuine, on the black market and assemble the phones in rented Shanghai apartments. The police seized about 200 iPhones in the raid. Each iPhon...

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Apple proposes settlement with Queens-area knockoff stores

Reuters reports that two Apple-knockoff stores located in the Queens borough of New York City have been offered a settlement agreement, currently under judicial review. Apple's proposed settlement mandates that the stores hand over all products bearing Apple's trademarks and branding; one store...

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No Comment: Woman buys wooden iPad

This is a completely hypothetical situation: Someone in a McDonald's parking lot says he picked up an iPad for a cheap $300, and wonders if you'd want to buy it off of him for just $180. You decide why not (because reputable salesmen always just hang around in the parking lots of fast food plac...

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First, fake Apple Stores. Now, fake Steve Jobs biography.

First fake Apple Stores, now China has fake Steve Jobs biographies. The fake biography's title roughly translates to Steve Jobs Gives 11 Advices To Teenager in English and its author is a man who goes by the name "John Cage." MicGadget says the fake bio first went on sale at Taiwanese bookselle...

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Apple cracks down on counterfeit products being sold in NYC

NYC may not have as many fake Apple stores as China, but it has a few and they've caught the eye of Apple. Apple has executed several seizure warrants and removed fake goods that carry the Apple logo or name from these stores. A trademark infringement lawsuit has halted sales of the alleged kno...

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David Byrne creates fake iPhone apps

Musician and artist David Byrne has contributed a few pieces to a social media-related art exhibit at the Pace Gallery in New York, and his entries all consist of authentic-looking App Store listings .. for fake iPhone apps. Childster, for example, will run you $1.99, and "turns your phone into...

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Apple updates malware definitions to address fake Flash player trojan

Apple's updated an entry in the anti-malware files of OS X to lock down a trojan that pretends to be a Flash player installer, but actually hijacks users' search results. The trojan is known as "OSX.QHost.WB.A," and claims to install Flash, but instead redirects Google results to an IP in the N...

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China finds and shuts down 22 more fake Apple Stores

Chinese authorities already shut down two fake Apple Stores located in the Kunming area, but that was apparently just the opening salvo. According to Reuters, 22 more unauthorized Apple retailers have now been located and shuttered. It's not clear from the report if these retailers went all-out...

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Blurrycam Theatre Presents: The i(have too much free time)Phone 5

Usually, tipsters looking to prank us with a faked shot of an unreleased Apple product will send us something like the fake iPod classic we saw a few months ago. You know, the classic Blurrycam shot, where it's obvious that A) the tipster has no idea how to use his camera's focus, and B) also h...

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Want free coffee and got an iPhone? Use Jonathan's Card (Updated)

Update from Editor-in-chief: According to evidence surfaced via, this was supposedly a "viral marketing campaign." While we strive to verify sources before posting, it appears we were too eager to believe this "social experiment" was legitimate (and others have been in the ...

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Hackintosh repaired at Apple Genius Bar

So, you're in Shanghai, China with your fake MacBook Air when it suddenly stops working. What do you do? Make an appointment at the real Genius Bar for the Apple Store, Pudong in Shanghai and get help. Fortunately for the man who brought the "MacBook Air" into the store, the Geniuses behind t...

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Fail: Video of 'Steve Jobs' rehearsing iPhone 5 introduction

Some people don't even try anymore. There's a video circulating on many Asian tech sites (and now some English ones) that is purportedly Steve Jobs rehearsing the keynote speech for the introduction of the iPhone 5. According to the fake video, the next iPhone 5 will feature digital scent tec...

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