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Apple used Pfizer security team to root out Chinese pirates

Apple has struggled with the sale of counterfeit iPods, iPhones and iPads in China for years. A recent WikiLeaks report notes that the company enlisted members of Pfizer's global security team to combat the industry of fakes. Why Pfizer? The answer should be obvious to anyone who's received spa...

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Cool off with an "iPhone 4" fan

Most fake Apple products make us roll our eyes, but this one is cute. Mostly because it's not trying to be an iPhone. The "shockingly thick" device is actually a personal cooling device, or "fan." To use it, slide off the real panel and remove the thin blue sponge inside. Get it wet, wring it ou...

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First Look: Ninja Steve for iOS

CEO. Industry Mogul. Superhero. That's the idea behind the upcoming Ninja Steve app. Inspired by the fake story about Steve Jobs being denied the chance to take shuriken onto his private plane, Ninja Steve transforms an urban legend into a deliciously silly idea for a game. It features a CEO hero...

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Fake MacTablet Gallery

We asked for fakes. You responded by sending us your favorite MacTablet mock-ups. So here at last is our gallery of fake Mac Tablet concept art, submitted by TUAW readers. Now once again it's your turn. Take a peek through these pictures and tell us which one is your fave. (I suspect that #8 is goi...

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Counterfeit iPhones selling well in Asia

With iPhone Fever running high, and no official Asian sales scheduled for 2007, opportunistic electronics manufacturers in China are doing a brisk business in counterfeit iPhones. Bloomburg reports that the so-called "Chinese iPhone" sells for approximately $133US and is a fully-functioning phone. ...

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