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Family Guy the Quest for Stuff has a new cameo filled Comic Con-themed update

The yearly Comic-Con International is happening this week and, to celebrate this gathering, a brand new con-themed update has been released for iOS game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. Your feud with the evil chicken will have to wait, because a comic book convention has come to Quahog. Stewie ha...

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is well written but expensive

Family Guy is an easy target for snobs who think their personal tastes are universal. Despite its often maligned reputation the show has been a major part of American pop culture since 1999, spreading dark jokes across the airwaves with a gleeful lack of concern for the offended. Now the show has ...

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Apple expands Tumblr ads to other sites, and other news for March 14, 2014

Apple has expanded its iPhone 5c ads first seen on Tumblr to other sites. The campaign is called "Every color has a story," and comprises five 15-second videos with color themes corresponding to the iPhone 5c and its colorful cases. The ads feature animated dots, which represent the dots of the iP...

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Zune gets a smackdown on Family Guy

As if the Microsoft Zune didn't have enough bad publicity, now the Fox Show Family Guy is beating up on the iPod competitor. In last night's episode, called "Ocean's Three and a Half", Carter Pewterschmidt asks Bill Gates for some help programming his Zune. Then Carter remembers he has an iPod, "lik...

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Rumour: Fox to include iTunes files with DVDs starting 15th Jan

We heard a while back that Apple and the movie studios were in negotiations over movie rentals, and there were mentions of iPod compatible movie files being shipped with DVDs. Of course, to be able to legitimately import DVDs (without resorting to Handbrake) has been a pipe dream for consumers. But ...

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Stewie Griffin: Mac user

Last night on Fox's Family Guy, Stewie had a little fun with his Mac. While practicing for the Olympics, his brother Chris interrupted his "training" (don't ask). Stewie responded by knocking Chris unconscious with a book, and using his motionless body as a landing platform for his pole va...

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Widget Watch: Frylock

Today's widget is only 90% useless. Frylock is a Konfabulator Yahoo! Widgets Engine widget that floats your favorite box of animated French fries around your desktop in that unique, Frylock fashion. You can even configure it to launch the application of your choice when double-clicked. See? It's mil...

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