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The 12 Days of iMas, Day 4: You'll be a fan of this accessory

Today is the fourth day of a 12-day feature where we'll show you the strangest Apple-flavored gifts we can find. Check out the previous days here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Day 3: An iPhone fan You know those cheap little fans with the foam blades that you can buy in the gift shop of the zoo? They w...

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A home office that looks like a mini Apple Store

People toss around the term "fanboy" to the point where it means almost nothing, but if you're looking for a real fan of Apple's retail store aesthetic, check out David Wu's home office. Not only did he have a replica of the Apple Store's iconic Fetzers tables made, but in his version the dra...

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No comment: iPhone fan attachment blows (air)

If you're looking for a way to beat the heat where you live, you have many options. If every last one of those options is unavailable for some reason, you can always give this iPhone dock accessory from Cellularfactory a try. Dubbed the "Newest Cool Dock Fan Gadgets Cooler," this dock attachment ...

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Cool off with an "iPhone 4" fan

Most fake Apple products make us roll our eyes, but this one is cute. Mostly because it's not trying to be an iPhone. The "shockingly thick" device is actually a personal cooling device, or "fan." To use it, slide off the real panel and remove the thin blue sponge inside. Get it wet, wring it ou...

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First look at Final Fantasy on the iPhone

Now that Plants vs. Zombies is out on the App Store, the new hotness to wait for is going to be Square's Final Fantasy. Courtesy of the guys over at Touch Arcade (who I'm disappointed I didn't get to meet at Macworld), here's the first trailer and screenshots of the retro RPG running on the iPhone....

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Auto refresh any web page

Last night when the Apple store went down, I got tired of hitting refresh in Safari every few minutes while waiting for it to come back up, and went searching for something that would do the job for free. Now, this is not for coders who will laugh hysterically at my incompetence, but for those of...

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The TUAW tees are here

Delivered this morning by stork: the first run of our TUAW t-shirts! We'll be giving away about a dozen of these next week during WWDC (not all of which we'll give away on Monday night, so look for the prize patrol). And yes, those not attending WWDC will have a shot at winning a t-shirt later this ...

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On drinking the Apple KoolAid

WFAA has posted an article about the fundamental dualities of the world: Ford vs. Chevy. Coke vs. Pepsi. Mac vs Windows. It's not a very deep article or a long-one, but several quotes (particularly those from WFAA's online operations manager--and Mac aficionado--Doug Boehner) made me laugh out loud....

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iStat Pro 3.3 widget brings temp and fan readings for Intel Macs and more

The feature-packed iStat Pro Dashboard widget is a reigning favorite here at TUAW, and its recent v3.3 update has heralded some handy new features. First, it now includes (though prompts you to install upon first run) a new module that can read the temperature and fan speeds of Intel Macs. That's ri...

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I wasn't going to post about smcFanControl, but the last few days we have been getting at least 3 tips a day pointing it out. Clearly, there is an audience for this little app, so post about it I must! smcFanControl, as you might have guessed, is a small application that lets you control the speed o...

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Apple quietly responds to whining (of MacBook Pros)

Rickard Almqvist at MacInTouch is reporting that Apple has apparently (and finally) produced a tweaked version of the MacBook Pro logic board in response to everyone's whining - MacBook Pro whining, that is. Rickard received a letter from Apple detailing the new board and stating that it was brand ...

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Wired posts Apple fan art gallery

Leander Kahney, author of the successful Cult of Mac book, has posted an interesting gallery of Apple fan art at Wired. While I think I recognize some of these images from browsing the Cult of Mac book at the local bookstore, this gallery is an interesting look into just how far Apple's loyal follow...

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Does the MacBook Pro fan constantly run? And a note about the whiney noise [Update]

I have a minor dilemma, folks. If you remember, I reported on numerous problems with my MacBook Pro, some of which Apple acknowledged, some it didn't. I'm having a new difficulty: the left-side fan of the machine is constantly running, non-stop, from the moment I turn on the machine. The Apple Store...

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