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Keezy is a simple sampler that thrives with silliness and whimsy

There isn't enough whimsy in the world. Largely people work too much, are stressed about money, life, and the world in general. It can get downright sullen sometimes. Keezy is a free simple solution to a possible lack of whimsy in your life. Keezy is a sampler app for iOS. It provides you with eigh...

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Found Footage: Pull My Finger stands for freedom

I've got a soft spot in my comedy heart for The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac, one of the newer correspondents on the program; he often manages to give interview subjects just enough Colbertian leeway to wander into the danger zone, then lets them blunder about, bumping into the awkward silences to excel...

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Because iFarting is serious business

We were just fine with letting this story dissipate right into the air like so many bad smells, as it's not exactly the most impressive thing to ever happen in the App Store. But in the interests of completionism, we'll bring it to you anyway. First, there were two apps that made fart noises, cal...

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App Store reaches 20,000 apps

Our friends over at Apptism, a site that tracks and rates App Store apps, have pointed out that their counter recently flipped over the big two-zero... zero zero zero. That's right, only three months after hitting the 10,000 mark (and that took only six months), the amount of apps in the store has d...

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31 fart apps in 90 seconds

Looks like the years I spent in Spencer's finally paid off, as I was given the dubious honor of sniffing out a few dozen of the 60+ fart apps on the store. But I promise, no squeaking out a lame joke just because this is a video about farts. No silently doling out the goods while looking the other...

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Tweetie 1.2 for iPhone adds Instapaper, enhanced functionality and some hilarity

Tweetie, my current favorite Twitter client for the iPhone, has just been updated to version 1.2 [iTunes link]. While the update offers a slew of enhancements, new features and improved functionality, what makes this release memorable and unique is the sly dose of humor developer Loren Brichter inse...

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