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AT&T and Verizon officially announce the March 16 availability of the WiFi + 4G iPad

As expected, AT&T and Verizon both announced today that they will sell the new WiFi+4G iPad starting Friday, March 16. AT&T will sell the iPad through all AT&T sales channels, while Verizon will offer the new iPad at all Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online. The iPad WiFi+...

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New iPad models include high-speed LTE networking

As widely rumored, the new iPad models (one for Verizon and one for AT&T) announced today will offer several varieties of high-speed cellular wireless networking. iPads sold for use with those two carriers, plus Rogers, Bell and Telus in Canada, will work with an alphabet soup of fast connectio...

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Found Footage: Ridiculously fast iPhone typist

According to an IBM-University of Michigan study [link to PDF], when transcribing, those using a traditional hardware QWERTY keyboard type at an average rate of 33 words per minute. This means that YouTube user "konceptzoflife" is 152 percent faster than the average typist. The only thing is, he ca...

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The requisite announcement mashup

With every Apple event, we need someone to go in and edit together all of the reality distortion field generators, and this time, it's Neil Curtis, who has cut together most of the "amazing," "great," and "beautiful" adjectives from last week's keynote. Unfortunately, we don't have empirical data (...

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WoW Universal Binary FAST on iMac Core Duo

In case you didn't see my post yesterday over at WoW Insider, I just wanted to point out over here that, yes, indeed: yesterday's Universal Binary patch for World of Warcraft means the game runs nice and fast on my iMac Core Duo. On a 1.83Ghz Core Duo with 2GBs of RAM and 128MB of VRAM, I'm seeing 5...

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