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Skitch updates again, with a faster screenshot process

Evernote sends word that it has updated its Skitch app yet again, this time providing a big benefit to one of the most-used functions in the app. The Screen Snap feature has been streamlined, which means you can grab pictures from your Mac easier and quicker than ever. As far as I know, that's wha...

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Early Mac Pro benchmarks show major speed increase

The new Mac Pro isn't supposed to launch until later on this year, but Geekbench has nabbed a new set of benchmarking tests which appear to be from the new machine itself. The computer is labeled as "AAPLJ90,1" in the report, which seems strange, considering that a retail build would probably be...

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Survey: Interest in iPad mini is growing

TechBargains.com is a deals site that I follow, and it recently shared the results of a survey that demonstrate that Apple's iPad mini is a winner, and suggest that its popularity will continue to grow. TechBargains polled its readers, and found that interest in the smaller iPad has nearly do...

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Three new apps for a better workout

A trio of apps have come out recently that will give your spring workout a boost: Faster ($1.99): This app, shown at right, is geared toward those who exercise outdoors and relies on GPS to be effective. You can set a distance and target time, and if your pace isn't matching the goals you set, Fas...

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Full-screen web apps should get a JavaScript boost in iOS 5

Lots of information about iOS 5 is still hidden under the developer NDA, but here's one tidbit that's sneaked out: Some web apps will be faster under the new operating system. So says one developer over on a coding message board; it confirms the rumor that full-screen web apps opened from the i...

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Snow Leopard out in September, wallpaper available now

Snow Leopard is going to be uber cheap, so there's not really any reason to not pick it up -- if you make good, regular use of your Mac, odds are that you'll also make enough use of a copy to justify the value. But even if you're not taking the $30 plunge, Macenstein has the most important part of t...

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But wait, there's more: MacBook Pro gets a small speed boost

In all of this morning's hubbub about the new Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac, Apple seems to have sneaked in a speed bump to the 15" MacBook Pro. The top standard configuration of the 15" MacBook Pro now has a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, slightly faster than the previous model which came stand...

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iPod Classic and Nano get updated to 1.0.2

iTunes has an update for the new iPod Classic and the new Nanos, and while the update doesn't have a description at all, MacRumors sez: Improved CoverFlow Quicker menus And the much awaited video out fix, among a few other interface tweaks Apparently there's a new option that will "Ask" use...

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Is your Mac zippier since the 10.4.5 update?

Some noise around the blogosphere hints at the fact that even legacy Mac machines are faster since the 10.4.5 update this week. Users report a variety of speed boost including program loading, dock bouncing, and boot times. I haven't installed 10.4.5 (because I'm running some funky homebrew software...

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Flash Player 8 Faster on Mac

Finally, Flash on Mac has sped up. Mike over at our sibling blog, FlashInsider, notes that the new version of Flash player "uses OpenGL in OSX (10.2 and above) to display content. Of course older Macs that dont support OpenGL rendering mode will not see a jump in performance, but Macromedia would lo...

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