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My favorite iPod touch apps: Mike R.'s picks

In contributing my share to our ongoing series of favorites for Mac and iPhone apps, I think I'm the first of our crew to focus on the iPhone's sleeker sibling. The iPod touch may not have the communications and GPS capabilities of the motherphone, but what it lacks in circuitry it makes up for in p...

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My Favorite iPhone Apps: Mat's Picks

For my shot at iPhone favorites I'm going with three apps I find myself returning to over and over. Zenbe Lists (iTunes link) - this is the third-party app I find myself using most often. It's basically a TO DO list manager, but with a big difference: online syncing. The Zenbe iPhone application int...

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My favorite iPhone apps: Jason's picks

Picking my favorite iPhone apps was pretty straightforward. I went with three apps that save me time. The first one wows me because using it sort of feels like magic, and the other two are great mobile companion applications to wonderful Mac-based programs. Shazam [iTunes link] Free When I say usi...

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My Favorite iPhone Apps: Erica's Take

When it comes to the iPhone, it's really really difficult to narrow my app love down to just three picks. So with apologies in advance for all those amazing applications that didn't make this cut, let me jump in with three choices that I simply do not live without on my (jailbroken) iPhone: Cydia. W...

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My favorite Mac apps: Christina's Picks

Picking just three favorite Mac applications was harder than I thought it would be. I decided to forgo anything that was either built-in or part of a major productivity or creative suite and just focus on applications that make my Mac computing experience unique and complete. Coda Even before this ...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Giles' take

We're all taking turns at this. My turn: SMS - the built-in SMS app has changed the way I use text messaging, and for the better. My contract with O2 includes 600 text messages per month, and in the UK where everyone texts everyone about everything all the time (and no-one gets charged for incomi...

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My Favorite Mac Apps: Erica's Take

So Victor comes to us and says, "Quick, what are your favorite apps?" Without pausing to breathe or think, the words "OfficeCreativeSuiteQuickeys" tumble out of my mouth. That's because these are the three software packages for Mac that I cannot live without. These three apps are where I spend 80-od...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Robert's take

Now that Steve, Victor, and Mike have all made their opinions clear, I get to tell you what apps I use most on my iPod touch. My first favorite is Exposure, an app that lets you browse Flickr photos. Personally, my favorite thing to do in a boring phone meeting is to browse Flickr's "Featured" cate...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Schramm's take

As you might imagine, my iPhone is more littered with games than useful stuff like Steve's or Victor's. Sure, I've got Twitterific and NetNewsWire, but my most-used apps are of the video game variety. The game that's most grabbed me so far is Aurora Feint. When it was first released, I didn't get mu...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Steve's take

Well, Victor took away part of my thunder with his pick of Texas Hold 'Em, but I have three other frequently-used iPhone apps in mind. Twitterrific is my first choice. I love Twitter and formerly used the awe-inspiring Hahlo web app on my iPhone, but there's no native Hahlo app...yet. So for the ti...

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Favorite iPhone apps: Victor's take

I've been noodling around on a hand-me-down iPhone with no service for over a week now and I find a few apps keep me coming back again and again. Over the next week or so, each of us with an iPhone or iPod touch will tell you our favorite or most-used apps. 1. ShoZu - OK, I use this maybe a little l...

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