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Apple seeking FCC certification for iBeacon hardware

Apple's iBeacon -- whether it's a future product that will work with HomeKit or just a device for use at the company's own retail outlets -- has an official product number: A1573. The sharp-eyed folks at Securifi, who have just started shipping their Almond+ Gigabit Wi-Fi Router and Smart Home Hub...

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As of today many iPhone users can text 911 in an emergency

The four major cellular providers -- AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile -- volunteered to participate in an Federal Communications Commission program that lets people contact their local 911 emergency services via text message. The deadline for getting it all set up and working is today, so th...

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Apple's iBeacons goes 'Made for iPhone', and other news for Feb. 26, 2014

Apple has rolled iBeacons into its Made for iPhone (MFi) program. iBeacons are miniature Bluetooth transmitters that talk to Bluetooth 4.0 devices and provide micro-location data. iBeacons have a wide array of use, but currently they are most often found in retail stores and baseball parks. By ...

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Delta CEO says cellphone calls aren't welcome on Delta flights even if FCC rules change

Despite the FCC moving toward ending the ban on in-flight cell usage, there's still one stumbling block on the road to iPhone freedom; the airlines. Delta CEO Richard Anderson doesn't care what the FCC decides -- as far as he is concerned Delta is still a no-fly zone for personal cell calls. But he...

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FAA: WiFi safe to use during takeoff, landing

Within the next year or so, travelers may find that the restrictions from using mobile devices and in-flight WiFi on aircraft during takeoff and landing are lifted. Last week, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) panel recommended that the use of devices during those critical flight segments ...

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Apple: Apple TV spotted at FCC to offer same great experience, updated components

An Apple TV model spotted recently at the FCC won't bring our living rooms into the 21st century as hoped. According to a statement by Apple that was provided to The Verge, the unit spotted in FCC regulatory documents is only a refresh of the current version. It will include updated components ...

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Could AT&T's blockage of FaceTime be an FCC violation?

Yesterday, TUAW noted that AT&T is planning on blocking Apple's iOS 6 FaceTime video calling app over cellular service except for those individuals who have signed up for one of the company's new "Mobile Share" plans. A few websites are now wondering aloud if AT&T's plans to proceed in ...

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Verizon announces then kills extra $2 fee to pay bill by phone or online

Good news for iPhone owners on the Verizon network. A day after announcing a plan to charge customers a $2.00 fee for telephone and online bill payments the plan has vanished without a trace. Could it be the announcement today from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission today saying it wa...

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AT&T withdrawing merger application with the FCC while pursuing win with the Justice Department

AT&T apparently believes its idea to merge with T-Mobile is headed for trouble, and today the telecommunication giant announced it has withdrawn its joint application for FCC approval ahead of what was going to be a US $39 billion dollar deal. The two companies say they are going to focus e...

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Pioneer registers with the FCC for AppRadio

It seems like just the other day we were chatting with Pioneer about its interfaces for iPhones in the car, and sure enough, it seems the company has plans for even more integration between its in-car units and Apple's smartphone. A filing with the FCC has revealed something Pioneer is calling ...

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AT&T filing shows that smartphone data is facing huge growth

AT&T has submitted a document to the FCC in the process of trying to get that T-Mobile merger approved, and it reveals that AT&T was overwhelmed by the amount of smartphone data traffic it had to push through with the arrival of the iPhone. 2010 saw an 8000% jump in data rates over 2007...

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Report: FCC official doubts AT&T + T-Mobile deal will sail through

An unnamed FCC official told the Wall Street Journal this week that "there's no way the chairman's office rubber-stamps" the recently announced merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA. The official didn't go into further details, but said that the organization hadn't even begun preliminary res...

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Woz speaks up on net neutrality (video)

Steve Wozniak stepped up the plate earlier this week and spoke out on net neutrality. In both a written statement and a quick interview while at the recent FCC hearing on net neutrality, Woz singled out the telecommunication companies for their deceptive practices and monopolistic behaviors. Wo...

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T-Mobile FCC memo cites Android app that caused network chaos

Remember, back in 2007 -- you know, Year One BTAS (Before The App Store) -- when Steve Jobs gave Apple's rationale for keeping the iPhone a closed platform versus allowing native app development? "Cingular doesn't want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up," he f...

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New iPod touch has vibration motor (Update: No, it doesn't)

FCC pictures of the brand new iPod touch's internal tech show that the device has a vibrating motor inside of it. According to Apple, the motor will be used with FaceTime, but presumably, it'll work when any app calls for vibration. That should help for gaming -- neither the DS nor the PSP has any ...

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