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iPhone popular among first-time smartphone buyers

Believe it or not, many new iPhone owners are not customers switching from Android, but customers who have never owned a smartphone. These first-time smartphone buyers are choosing the iPhone, especially older models, at an increasing rate, says a report in GigaOM. According to data from Kantar W...

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Nielsen: Smartphones dominate US phone purchases

A new report from Nielsen suggests the US is quickly becoming a smartphone nation. As of February 2012, almost half of all mobile subscribers (49.7 percent) own a smartphone. This is up from 36 percent recorded this time last year. People are buying new smartphones at an amazing clip with mor...

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Gartner: Apple's global mobile phone share almost doubled in Q2 2011

Gartner's numbers were released for the second quarter in 2011 and Apple continues to show strong growth. The smartphone manufacturer is number four globally in the mobile phone market trailing Nokia, Samsung and LG. Its market share almost doubled from last year, climbing from 2.4 in 2011. Th...

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Verizon feature phone users could boost iPhone activations by 19 million

Analyst William Power of R.W. Baird & Co. is making a bold prediction on Verizon iPhone sales. While other analysts and Verizon itself is predicting a conservative 11 million units sold in the upcoming year, Power is projecting a whopping 19 million in sales for the Apple-branded smartphone from...

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