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App's clever feedback system helps happy users tweet, while angry customers can only email

Ember, an app from Realmac Software built to help designers and artists compile, collect and otherwise make sense of their ideas and influences, employs an extremely clever in-app feedback feature that we wouldn't mind seeing become a new norm. Rather than a simple, static feedback page with an e...

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Apple launches 'Apple Customer Pulse' feedback site

Apple has launched a new site called Apple Customer Pulse which allows select users of Apple's products to submit feedback on a variety of issues. Currently the site is only accessible to those users who have received an email invite from Apple. Several TUAW reads have contacted us saying they hav...

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Apple patents another haptic feedback solution

AppleInsider reports that Apple is still bouncing around ideas for a screen that allows for haptic feedback on its iOS devices. A new patent filed this week outlines a system of screens on a device designed to not only detect touch and protect the underlying technology but also provide physical fee...

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Schiller defends App Store approval process

Well here we go. Up until now, we've heard a lot from developers about how much of a mess the App Store's approval process is, from people who've been rejected outright to people who've been forced to resubmit to people who've just given up completely. But we haven't heard much from Apple, and now P...

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Community goes extremely overboard on iPhone Extreme

Tom from iPhonebuglist.com was poking around in Apple's online feedback form, and as you can see above, he found something interesting hidden in the HTML code. There was a product tag on the form not for the iPhone, but for the "iPhone Extreme." The page has since been fixed, and there's no trace ...

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Share your iPhone stories with Apple

Attention enthusiastic iPhone owners - Apple would like to hear just what it is you like so much about your new gadget. At a new page under apple.com/iphone, Apple has presented a form with which you can share your iPhone stories. Has the iPhone changed the way you work? Perhaps you warmed grandma's...

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Firefox Mac team looking for feedback

For anyone who has ever wished that Firefox did this or that on Mac OS X - get ready to voice your requests and complaints. Jeff Smykil at Ars Technica is reporting that Colin Barrett of the Firefox team has left the door wide open for Mac users to submit requests for the browser, including a short ...

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Requesting Feedback on the TUAW podcast

Unfortunately, we won't be having a podcast this week on account of some medical troubles of yours truly. In light of this void, however, we figured it would be perfect time to solicit some feedback on how we're doing so far. Do you want to hear more witty banter from the TUAW bloggers? More screenc...

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Viral .Mac feedback - copy and paste this, let's make Apple listen

We've all seen the complaints about .Mac from every corner of the internets. Our own Dave Caolo posted a fantastic editorial covering .Mac's slow death, but he isn't the only one tossing a vote into the hat. One only needs to browse the digg archives to find plenty of posts from dissatisfied mom and...

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Sunday survey results: FM Transmitters - yea...not really

This past Sunday I ran a survey to see what y'all thought of iPod FM transmitters - the good, the bad and the ugly. I figured that since I weeded through all the comments, I should let you guys know whether you gave this particular category of iPod accessories a thumbs up or down. The greater majori...

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iSale 3.1 adds eBay interactivity, prepares for upcoming site changes

iSale, the application our own Scott McNulty dubbed 'the Delicious Library for eBay auctions', has been bumped to version 3.1 with some very useful site interactivity and significant changes under the hood. iSale 3.1 can now relist unsold auctions and allow you to watch how many people have looked...

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Help the revolution: submit feedback

This is more of a public service announcement and reminder than anything, inspired by TUAW reader Jer's comment on my .Mac syncing UI silliness post. Jer asked whether we were submitting feedback to Apple concerning gripes like the one I blogged, and the answer is 'most definitely yes.' This brief d...

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