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Comixology adds options for subscriptions and bundles (update: Web app only)

Comixology is, as we've discussed here before, basically the premiere app for comic books on Apple's iPad. And now, the app (well, the web app at least) is adding one more feature to its already long list. Starting today, you can subscribe to your favorite comics right inside the app's web stor...

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Lodsys: 150 iOS developers give in to patent demands

Lodsys filed what many are calling a "patent troll" lawsuit against a number of smaller iOS developers last year, claiming that while Apple may have licensed its in-app purchase technology patents for iOS, individual developers have not, and should be held accountable for using it. Despite ...

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Verizon announces then kills extra $2 fee to pay bill by phone or online

Good news for iPhone owners on the Verizon network. A day after announcing a plan to charge customers a $2.00 fee for telephone and online bill payments the plan has vanished without a trace. Could it be the announcement today from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission today saying it wa...

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Early adopters penalized $85 for sticking with AT&T

So we're hanging around in the TUAW back room, drinking coffee and comparing iPhone 4S war stories when I point out that I could have saved a bit of cash by cancelling AT&T and hopping over to Verizon. AT&T penalizes many of its first-day-iPhone 4 customers by $250 for buying the first-d...

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More murmuring about 99 cent iTunes TV rentals

Well now. The previous rumor about 99 cent rentals for TV episodes on iTunes was just your average, but now that we know there's an Apple event just around the corner, it's time to start making hay out of all the chaff floating around. A source now tells the Wall Street Journal that Apple is pushin...

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VeriFone credit card reader gets deal to be in Apple Stores

The Square credit card reader for the iPhone has gotten most of the buzz around here, especially after we saw that impressive demo at Macworld a few weeks ago. But VeriFone's competing reader has been given the green light by Apple itself: the unit has been granted a deal for shelf space. VeriFon...

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