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Xserve Fibre Channel card now has 4Gb

Sorry about the original headline, folks: editing error on my part. Apple quietly added two more high-speed Fibre Channel cards to the product lineup last week: dual and quad-port 4Gb cards are now orderable from the Apple Store with ship dates 7-10 days out (dual-channel card) or 4-6 weeks out (qua...

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Software Update: Apple Xsan 1.4.1 Filesystem and Admin

This one is for the enterprise, pro video and pro audio readers out there. I'd be mighty surprised if any of you had a SAN setup in your living rooms, as appealing as that may be! Xsan is Apple's high-performance SAN file system for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. It's super fast and high in Fibre. Ap...

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