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Tag: file sharing

Amazingly fast and file transfer with Send Anywhere

I don't typically think of moving files between devices as being very difficult. Then again, I'm an old geezer and remember "sneakernet"-moving files by physically carrying them around on floppy discs because there was no network. It's really not that hard to transfer files anymore and there are l...

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Dropbox update adds public links to any file or folder

Dropbox has just announced an update to its self-named service that provides new public sharing links. This update, which appears to be an end-run against the imminent launch of Google's competing Drive app, makes it possible to share read-only folders with anyone -- regardless of whether or no...

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Daily Mac app: Droplr

Do you want to share files easily and quickly? Then take a look at Droplr, which has been around for some time and recently hit the Mac App Store in an improved version 2. Droplr is free and easy way to share images, documents and other files. You can run it from a web browser or the Mac app which ...

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Daily Mac App: DropCopy

Mac OS X Lion introduced AirDrop, which offers zero-configuration, Wi-Fi file sharing between Lion users. DropCopy offered a similar service when we wrote about it in 2007. Today, DropCopy still deserves a place on your Mac, as it does a few things that AirDrop doesn't. For one, DropCopy ca...

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Kazaa reborn as iPhone, iPad music service

Several years back, Kazaa shed its roots as a file-sharing service with questionable content and is now a legitimate music subscription service. To expand its offerings, the subscription service recently introduced both an iPhone and an iPad client. Similar to Rdio and Spotify, Kazaa lets you...

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iTwin allows you to share files with PCs securely over the web

iTwin has added official public Mac compatibility to its innovative file sharing USB stick that allows users to transfer or share files across Macs or PCs no matter where they are in the world. After selecting which files to share users can simply plug one half of an iTwin into a Mac and the ot...

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OS X Lion bug may affect Windows file sharing

A bug has been discovered in OS X Lion Server that appears when a user tries to share a file with extended attributes with a Windows XP or Windows 7 system. The bug was first discovered by Steve Maser, a senior systems administrator at the University of Michigan's Office of Technology Transfer....

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: CloudApp

Sharing small files via email is easy with attachments. But what about sharing files via IM, Twitter, Facebook or the myriad of other services? That's where the incredibly simple CloudApp comes in. CloudApp sits in your menu bar waiting to upload files to the cloud, ready for sharing with fri...

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DropDAV: An easy way to link iWork for iPad and Dropbox

iWork for iPad is an incredibly powerful tool for folks who want to use their iPads as a MacBook Air surrogate. However, if they want to round-trip their documents through the popular Dropbox service, there hasn't been a way to save or open files from within Pages, Keynote, or Numbers for iPad. Unti...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Transferring iWork files from iPad without iTunes

Dearest Aunt TUAW, Is there a way to transfer files from apps like Keynote and Pages to a computer that does not have iTunes installed? Yours truly, Nephew Jack Read on for Auntie's answer. ...

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Beta Beat: Droplr adds to the quick-share repertoire

One of my favorite features in OS X is the ability to drag pretty much anything, drop it on pretty much anything else, and have the item be contextually useful in some other application. So pervasive is this gesture that we even waxed romantically about it some time ago. An example of this would be ...

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Ask TUAW: Photoshop alternatives, Windows and Mac file sharing, application switching and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about Photoshop alternatives, Windows and Mac file sharing, graphics problems in Snow Leopard and quickly switching between applications, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcom...

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Mobile Me debuts large file sharing with iDisk

Apple yesterday announced a new addition to Mobile Me: The ability to share large files with others via iDisk. One of our readers had noticed an announcement about it way back on New Year's Day. The service works much like YouSendIt, though rather than uploading a file, you point to an existing f...

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A boxful of awesome: iPhone

Update 2: will work with first generation iPod Touch units. The team is going to push an update very soon to make this visible on the app description page. You can download the program right now and it is fully compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch units. Update: is looking into...

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Dropbox now in public beta

Dropbox, my favorite FTP-free file sharing and transfer system, is now in public beta -- anyone can sign up to use the service, and you don't need an invite code. Spokesperson Drew Houston said in a blog post that they launched the public beta at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco. I wrote...

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