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Apple adds staff, boosts R&D spending in FY2008

The Associated Press' Jessica Mintz notes that Apple increased its payroll by 48 percent this fiscal year, with most of the new employees starting at Apple retail stores. The data came from Apple's 10-K filing, an annual financial document required by law for public companies (Apple has not produce...

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Stock options investigation delays Apple SEC filing

Apple's ongoing investigation into its stock option grants has delayed its SEC 10-K filing. The filing, which was due yesterday, may be delayed for as much as a month. If you recall, Apple admitted that employee stock options may have been been backdated. Companies use backdating in order to lower t...

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Recent Apple patents for phone, PDA, new cube?

Here we go with the Apple patent game again, and this time around it looks like we have blasts from the past and the future. Engadget first tracked down a patent filed by Apple yesterday (pictured right) for "A cubical computer housing assembly comprises first and second ends and four sides, which d...

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