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Apple expenditures to grow on solar project, new campus

Apple's got incredible amounts of money in the bank, as you probably already know. According to recent financial filings, Apple is about to spend a good bit of it. The company will reportedly spend US$8 billion during the next financial year, which is more than twice what it spend during the la...

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Rumors: Docking and Charging by Induction

Apple Insider uncovered a pretty futuristic Apple patent filing that discusses inductive, optical and wireless devices for transferring data and power without physical contact. The filing talks about how inductive coils, which can be hidden from view, fit more in line with Apple aesthetics (look Ma...

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Recent Apple patents for phone, PDA, new cube?

Here we go with the Apple patent game again, and this time around it looks like we have blasts from the past and the future. Engadget first tracked down a patent filed by Apple yesterday (pictured right) for "A cubical computer housing assembly comprises first and second ends and four sides, which d...

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