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Apple discontinues Final Cut Express, reportedly ends Server too

Now that some Tuesday's Final Cut Pro X is available, additional details about Apple's pro video edition solution are available. Engadget has confirmed with Apple that there won't be a boxed (studio suite) version of Final Cut Pro X. Instead, it will only be available for download through the M...

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Software updates: Aperture 3.1, Java Update 3, and ProKit Update

Three big updates just showed up in Software Update: Aperture 3.1, Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 3, and ProKit Update. Aperture 3.1 weighs in at nearly 375 MB. Aside from the usual improvements to "overall stability and performance," Aperture 3.1 brings compatibility with the brand new iLife '11 su...

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Final Cut Studio won't be dumbed down

On Tuesday, Appleinsider wrote that Apple's Final Cut team may refocus the application suite's focus from its current professional target to a more "prosumer" type of customer. Since then, many avid Final Cut Studio users have lamented the possibility of an iMovie 8-style "dumbing down" of the video...

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Apple releases ProKit 5.1 update

Step right up for an update for ProKit apps. According to Apple: "This ProKit Update fixes issues with user interface software resources that are shared by Apple's professional applications. The issues addressed include: Corrected an issue with improper scrolling behavior. Resolved m...

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Gift guide for amateur video producers

We all have a friend of family member obsessed with posting videos on YouTube. Their cats, dogs, babies and whatever else are all fodder for two minutes of teh funny. This holiday season, help them improve their craft and produce the next big viral hit with these gift suggestions. Software Quality ...

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Final Cut Express 4.0.1 released

Final Cut Express owners, check Software Update because FCE 4 has just been updated to 4.0.1. The detailed (and I'm serious, for Apple especially, these are detailed) release notes go over what is new and what has been added, but here are the highlights: Permission issues resolved - There was...

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Plugin Manager update 1.7.3

Today, Apple released Plugin Manager version 1.7.3 for Apple's Pro applications. In regular Apple wordiness, here's what the update says: This update improves reliability for Apple's professional applications and is recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, Aperture, Logic S...

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Sneak-a-peek inside Final Cut Express 4

A lot has changed in the video production realm over the past year, and thankfully, Apple's recent Final Cut Express 4 addresses these new advancements in camcorder capture and post-production technology. It's been a full year and a half since Final Cut Express 3.5, and there's a number of notable u...

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Save $200 instantly on a Mac and Final Cut Express HD

Apple has just announced a new Movie Deal discount promotion with the purchase of a Mac and Final Cut Express, their consumer-focused (and priced) little brother to Final Cut Pro. Through retail and online Apple Store purchases, customers can save $200 instantly with this combo, while a mail-in r...

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Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps

Apple has updated Aperture to 1.1.2 though they haven't, at the moment, provided any details as to what the update does (at least not on their website). Also lurking in your Software Update panel is the Pro Application Update 2006-01, which ' addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and s...

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Apple releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5

Apple has released Final Cut Express HD 3.5, what they are calling "a significant upgrade" to their "software solution for video enthusiasts, schools and small businesses". It is now a Universal Binary, and amongst its new features is Dynamic RT for real-time playback of multi-streamed effects and ...

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