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Review: Final Draft 9, the world's most popular screenwriting software plays catch up

Final Draft is without a doubt the industry's leading software for screenwriting. It is used in virtually every writer's room across Hollywood and endorsed by such heavyweights as James Cameron, Tom Hanks and JJ Abrams. However, the reason the software rose to the top spot in the film world is tha...

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Final Draft Writer comes to the iPad

Last month I told you about Final Draft Reader, an iPad app from the makers of Final Draft that allows users to view and make notes on their Final Draft scripts on the iPad. Of course, the number one response we got to the story was, "That's awesome, but where's the Final Draft for iPad that al...

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Final Draft Reader for iPad hopes to replace paper scripts

For over 15 years, the film industry has been undergoing a steady transition to digital. First it was editing that was primarily affected, as programs like Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro offered better alternatives than reel-to-reel cutting. Next came shooting on digital video, instead o...

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Daily Mac App: Final Draft

Final Draft 8, the industry-standard scriptwriting software, has finally come to the Mac App Store. Even for those of you who have never written a movie script, you've seen the fruits of labor of the app used by those writers. Before Christian Bale utters a menacing threat to a criminal in a Ba...

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Final Draft coming for iPhone and iPad in Spring 2011

Popular screenwriting tool Final Draft is finally making its way to the iPhone and iPad. The company confirmed last year that it was working on a companion iPad and iPhone application, and that app is now close to being finished. While the company has not announced an exact date for launch, a recent...

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DV Guru reviews Montage - Mac screenwriting software

Our pal Ajit Anhony at our sister blog DV Guru has reviewed Montage, a new screenwriting app from Mariner Software, makers of the popular MacJournal. Overall Ajit is satisfied with Montage and sees a bright future for this app in a (finally) growing industry of Final Draft competitors. However, Ajit...

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