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Microsoft also declares record revenue, but Apple still on top

Apple isn't the only technology company that's posting record revenue this year -- Microsoft has brought in $16.20 billion in the last quarter, which stands as a record with a 25 percent increase from the same time last year. The Seattle giant also increased net income to $5.41 billion, so it looks...

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QuickBooks 2011 to add multi-user support, more

Intuit is preparing to release QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac on September 27th with some great new features like multi-user support (finally!), mileage tracking, and more. We had a chance to explore this new version with William Lynes, QuickBooks product manager. It's quite Mac-like, and I suspect it ...

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Quicken Essentials adds features, drops price

Intuit has added new features to Quicken Essentials for the Mac, dropped its price by twenty dollars, and is offering the difference as a refund to those who bought it at the original price of US$69.99. Two major new features will be added to the software by the end of April; users will be abl...

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Steve Jobs spending less on flying

This might be obvious to most of us, but the WSJ feels it's fit to print: while Steve Jobs' reimbursed budget for his private jet has been fairly considerable over the past year or so -- $580,000 for a six-month period a year ago and $30,000 during a quarter period, the past few reports have seen th...

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Financial site Mint.com releases iPhone app

I've been using Mint.com (not to be confused with Shawn Inman's great Mint web stats tracker) to track my financial information for a while now. It's very nice -- completely free, and hooks right into your bank accounts, investments, or other financial accounts online (securely, of course -- they've...

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Cha-Ching 1.0.3 released with better performance, searching and download support

Cha-Ching, the streamlined money manager that aims to put the fun back finances, has made a minor update to v1.0.3 with some truly useful new features and fixes. At the top of the list is a database migration to Mac OS X's built-in SQLite to boost performance, as well as search enhancements for usin...

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APPL moves up

Yesterday AAPL continued its upward growth. The stock gained 36 cents to $100.76 according to Forbes. Apple was one of several Internet stocks trading higher yesterday including Real Networks and Amazon.com. So will investors continue to hold onto their AAPL stock or will they cash out for profit? T...

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Cha-Ching update brings fixes, 1.0 by April

Cha-Ching, Midnight Apps' handy Quicken-killer that takes the pain out of managing your money, has received a minor update to v0.5.2. While the notable changes like UI improvements, bug fixes and confirmation dialogs when deleting items aren't much to write home about, the third change from the emai...

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Cha-Ching presentation at the Apple Store

Juan Alvarez, developer and CEO at Midnight Apps, gave a CocoaHeads presentation at the Apple Store Thursday night of the new 0.5 version of Cha-Ching, his slick money app that brings financial management out of the stone ages with the beauty of Mac OS X and Cocoa. While Cha-Ching is still in a h...

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How much will Macworld really cost me?

No. I'm not traveling to Macworld. But I was mentioning to the husband that I was probably going to buy an iTV after it gets announced and/or introduced at Macworld. "Right," he replied. "And how much is that going to end up costing us?" So I sat down and started to figure out exactly how much that ...

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Moneydance 2006 - cross-platform finance management

Moneydance 2006 (awkward name and all) is a well-rounded personal finance app with a nice selection of features including: online banking and bill payment, budget management, recurring transactions, investment tracking, report generation, Quicken/Money import, database encryption and a whole lot mo...

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