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Apple bought back $56 billion of its own stock in 2014

Apple is no stranger to stock buybacks so its no surprise that the trend continued in the 2014 fiscal year. And how much stock did Apple buy back this year? According to a new report for FactSet, Apple spent over $56 billion buying back stock this year. That's $36.8 billon more than IBM who took ...

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Carl Icahn's open letter to Tim Cook

Activist shareholder and invstor Carl Icahn is back at work poking at Apple, this time in a letter to Tim Cook published on the Shareholders' Square Table website. The short version? "Dear Tim, Remember all of those shares of Apple stock I bought? Speed up your stock repurchase plan by buying th...

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Apple announces Q3 2014 earnings results

Apple today announced its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014. Speaking to CNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he "couldn't be happier" with the results, adding that "this is the best execution of any quarter since I've been at Apple." Apple posted quarterly revenue of $37.4 bil...

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8-month-old iPhone 5s outselling Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5

The walls may be starting to close in on Samsung bit by bit. Not too long after the company announced that profits declined by 24% during the past quarter comes a research report from Counterpoint which found that the eight-month-old iPhone 5s sold more units in May than the recently released Sams...

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Join us for a liveblog of Apple's fiscal year 2014 first-quarter earnings call

Today's the day that all of the Wall Street analysts have been waiting for -- Apple's first earnings call of the year will happen at 5 PM ET, and TUAW will be liveblogging the event. To join us, come back at that time and we'll provide you with commentary on what's being announced by Apple CEO Ti...

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Apple to pay quarterly dividend today for AAPL shareholders

AAPL investors take note: Today is the company's payday for AAPL shareholders. By the close of market today, Apple will pay shareholders of record its quarterly dividend of US$3.05 per share. Shareholders must have held the stock no later than Wednesday, November 11 to get this quarter's dividend....

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Apple reports Q4 2013 earnings

Apple fourth-quarter earnings for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2013, have just been announced. Earnings per share are reported as US$8.26, while the Wall Street estimate was $7.92 per share. Other highlights: iPad sales: 14.1 million iPhone sales: 33.8 million Mac sales: 4.6 million iP...

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Apple announces Q3 2013 financial results

Today, Apple announced its quarterly earnings for Q3 2013. In this latest quarter, Apple recorded revenue of US$35.3 billion and quarterly net profit of $6.9 billion. International sales accounted for more than half (57 percent) of the quarter's revenue. In all, Apple sold 31.2 million iPhones, u...

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Join us for a TUAW liveblog of the Apple Q3 2013 earnings call

Later today, Apple will hold its quarterly earnings conference call. The call will cover Apple's Q3, which ended on June 30, 2013. As always, TUAW is hosting a liveblog of the event, during which we'll provide commentary on the actual results, questions from the financial community and thoughts on...

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iOS games spending overtakes dedicated games

App analytics firm App Annie has released a new report about portable gaming, and announced that iOS gamers are now spending more money on Apple's platform than on traditional handheld titles. The light blue above is last year's fourth quarter, the dark blue is this year's first quarter, and as ...

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Apple's $17 billion bond deal is the largest in history

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple made the largest corporate-bond deal in history on Tuesday, when it raised US$17 billion in bonds -- the first time the company has offered bonds in 20 years. In response, The New York Times asks, why would cash-rich Apple do this in the first place? Analy...

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Apple suppliers had a very tough February

February is usually not a great month for the companies that supply Apple with its iOS and Mac device parts (Chinese New Year usually falls right in that month, and production in China always take a big downturn as people celebrate there). But this particular past February was especially bad, a...

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Apple's reality distortion field has assumed Wall Street

Despite robust profits, strong revenue growth and excellent brand awareness, reports predicting the downfall of Apple continue to make headlines. This paradox has many people shaking their heads, but analyst Ben Bajarin has a theory as to why Apple is slipping on Wall Street, even though it remai...

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Apple's profit margin down, shares take a hit

We already know that iOS devices had a record-breaking quarter according to Apple's most recent earnings report, but that figure alone isn't enough to impress Wall Street. Unfortunately, while the company dodged a year-over-year loss in overall profit, the company's profit margin took a sizable hi...

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Liveblog of Apple Q1 2013 Earnings Call


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