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If Apple's iTunes division was a standalone company

Delving deep inside Apple's quarterly earnings report, Horace Dediu of Asymco writes that revenue from Apple's iTunes/Software/Services group increased by 34 percent year over year. Indeed, as we pointed out earlier, revenue Apple derived from its iTunes, Software and Services segment was responsib...

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Apple reports Q1 2014 earnings

Apple's first quarter earnings for the fiscal year ending December 28, 2013 were just announced. CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended December 28, 2013. The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion ...

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Translating the Apple Q4 2013 earnings call into normal human language

Apple earnings calls always create a bit of a three-ring circus on the web. Everyone tries to read into every last boast and stutter out of the mouths of Apple management and predict the future. We do plenty of that here at TUAW as well -- you can check out all the hard numbers from the call on our...

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Apple Q3 2013 earnings call by the numbers

Apple announced its quarterly earnings for Q3 2013. iPhone sales were strong, while iPad and Mac sales declined slightly. During the earnings conference call, Peter Oppenheimer, along with Tim Cook, summed up some stats and commented about the state of Apple ecosystem as follows: iPhone sales u...

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Liveblog: Apple Q3 2013 earnings call

Come back soon for shenanigans!...

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T-Mobile sells 500,000 iPhones in less than a month

T-Mobile announced its earnings for the opening quarter of 2013 and confirmed it has sold 500,000 iPhone handsets since it started selling the phone on April 12. That's a half a million iPhones in a little over three weeks, which is very good for a phone that's been on sale for eight months at com...

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Tim Cook: We should have waited until 2013 to release new iMacs

During Apple's earnings conference call on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook fielded an analyst's question regarding Apple's product releases during the Fall 2012 quarter and delivered a surprisingly candid answer. Addressing the shipping delays that plagued Apple's new iMacs, Cook articulated that Apple...

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Fortune: Apple may see first quarter of negative income growth since 2003

Apple investors may want to brace themselves for an onslaught of negative headlines when Apple reports its Q2 2013 earnings in the coming month. According to Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog, Apple is expected to report its first year-over-year decline in income in 10 years. Much ...

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Tim Cook announces town hall meeting

According to 9 to 5 Mac, CEO Tim Cook has scheduled a "Town Hall meeting" for employees today. This meeting follows up to yesterday's Q1 2013 quarterly financial results, and apparently mirrors an event that Cook held after the Q1 2012 financials. Quoting 9 to 5, the invite reads: Team, We...

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Verizon activated 3.1 million iPhones in Q3 2012

Verizon announced its quarterly earnings today and confirmed that it sold 3.1 million iPhones in Q3 2012. This is up from the 2.7 million units that the carrier sold in the previous quarter and up from the 2 million the carrier sold in the same quarter last year. During its earnings conferenc...

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Sprint iPhone sales hold steady, AT&T and Verizon decline

Sprint has announced that it sold 1.5 million iPhones in the last quarter. That means the company is holding fairly steady for iPhone sales, having sold about the same number in the previous quarter. 40 percent of last quarter's sales were to new Sprint subscribers, so the iPhone is bringing in...

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Apple's "disappointing" quarter cause for questions, not panic

In amongst the MoLo Madness, there's been some back and forth in the blogosphere today over the possibility that Apple's third quarter financial results were "disappointing" or not, mostly based on the fact that professional analysts predicted Apple would earn far more than it did and now they're ...

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AT&T's iPhone "sales" versus "activations": Doing the Math

Love Apple gear? Like math? TUAW's Doing the Math series examines the numbers and the science behind the hardware and software. Several sites -- including TUAW -- reported yesterday that 80% of all smartphones AT&T sold in Q411 were iPhones, based on AT&T's quarterly earnings report. On cl...

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What's Apple going to do with $97 billion in cash?

During its earnings conference call, Apple confirmed the company is sitting on a treasure chest of US$97.6 billion. This stack of cash is steadily growing, up from $81.6 billion at the end of the September quarter. With all that money in the bank, you can't help but wonder... what's Apple going to ...

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Apple Q1 2012 results liveblog

Today, TUAW liveblogs Apple's first quarter conference call. If you'd like to listen live, point your browser to Apple's dedicated page. I'll be doing live updates as they're discussed, including coverage of the Q&A followup. The liveblog appears in reverse chronological order, with newer updat...

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