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OpenFeint coming to Android

I've often wondered why, instead of creating their own social gaming platform with Game Center, Apple didn't just swallow up a successful third-party platform like OpenFeint. Now, it seems that Apple may have lost its chance: OpenFeint announced this morning, after another multi-million dollar round...

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Booyah starts off slow, offers $1000 in contest

I've been playing with the hyped-up Booyah Society app for about a week or so now, and I don't think my reaction is too singular: it's not all that great. The idea is certainly a good one: take your real-life achievements and turn them into a game, complete with points and an avatar, but in practice...

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Apple offers 0% financing on 'the Mac of your dreams'

If you've been waiting to order 'the Mac of your dreams,' perhaps a new 0% financing offer from Apple will be just what you need. Through June 30th, Apple Store customers who qualify for financing can purchase a Mac interest-free for 24 months. Oh, and Adobe Creative Suite 3 apparently goes well ...

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