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Flickr Find: iPhone sketches

We knew it was only a matter of time before this would happen. The fun and frivolous application for the iPhone, Sketches, now has a Flickr pool devoted to its users' quirky creations. From the artistic, to the strange, to the fun, this Flickr pool has them all. If you are a Sketches addict and con...

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Terminal Tip: Finding by Time

Have you ever lost track of a file that you were just working on? Or were you ever curious about which files an installer has just added or modified? The command line find command offers a simple way to track down any files created or updated within the last few minutes. Its amin and cmin flags tell...

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Omni Group introduces OmniDazzle - "mesmerizing mouse movements"

After weeks of ambiguous hints and torturous teasing, The Omni Group has unveiled their newest product, and it definitely isn't a Sweedish meatball maker. Introducing: OmniDazzle, a "set of fun and useful enhancements that help you track the location of your mouse pointer and provide options for hig...

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Pocketlight brings (some) Spotlight to Panther

If you're still using Panther for one reason or another but drool when you hear the word 'Spotlight,' an app by the name of Pocketlight can bring a little bit of Tiger to your Panther. Pocketlight isn't nearly as all-encompassing as Spotlight, but it can search Mail.app mailboxes, iCal events, Addr...

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