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Firemint devs form new Australian studio, Loveshack Entertainment

Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore and Ollie Browne are three developers who formerly worked at Firemint, the venerated studio behind iOS hits like Flight Control, Spy Mouse, and (after an acquisition by EA and a merger with Iron Monkey to become Firemonkeys) the recent hit Real Racing 3. They decided ...

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Daily iPhone App: Real Racing 3 is a showcase of the best (and not quite) that iOS has to offer

Here's the bottom line on this one, right away: Real Racing 3 is an amazing game, and EA has put it on the App Store for free. Go grab it and be awed, right now. That said, I do have one issue with this game, and it's that I'm actually a terrible driver. I do fine on real roads at less-than-d...

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EA joins Iron Monkey and Firemint mobile studios to create Firemonkeys

EA has announced that it's consolidating its two biggest mobile studios. Firemint is the developer behind Flight Control and Spy Mouse (and was acquired by EA last year), and Iron Monkey is the developer behind EA's iOS hits like Mass Effect Infiltrator and Dead Space. Those two Melbourne, Aust...

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