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Punch Quest coming next week from Rocketcat and Madgarden

Rocketcat Games is the great company behind terrific iPhone games like Mage Gauntlet and the very popular Hook Worlds. Its latest title is called Punch Quest, built in conjunction with developer Madgarden. Punch Quest won't be released until October 25th, but Rocketcat kindly sent TUAW an ea...

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Get email design chores under control with equinux Mail Designer

If you've ever had to code together a complex HTML email then you know how painful it usually is. It's like taking a trip back to 1999 before the web discovered standards and everyone was still doing table-based design -- only with the addition of cumbersome inline CSS, and the challenge of dea...

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Taptu for iPad brings blended feeds to newsreader app lineup

Considering how eerily the 2001: A Space Odyssey version of a tablet newsreader matches the 2011 reality of the iPad, it's no surprise that the App Store landscape is getting crowded with newsreader options. Beyond the standalone startups and the gray standards, a whole bunch of RSS-centric too...

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Exclusive: yap.TV 2.5, a social TV guide

I had the pleasure of spending part of Wednesday afternoon chatting with yap.TV founder & chief marketing officer Shawn Cunningham. yap.TV is a free social TV guide that initially came out for the iPad last fall, and later for the iPhone and iPod touch. We lightly touched on last fal...

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HotelPal 2.0: A first look at the updated lodging reservation app

Business and personal travelers with iPads and iPhones are familiar with Mobiata's travel apps already. The company's FlightTrack (US$4.99) and FlightTrack Pro ($9.99) apps are often listed as "must-have" tools for travelers, and the fun FlightBoard ($3.99) turns your iPhone or iPad into a live fli...

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First Look: Ninja Steve for iOS

CEO. Industry Mogul. Superhero. That's the idea behind the upcoming Ninja Steve app. Inspired by the fake story about Steve Jobs being denied the chance to take shuriken onto his private plane, Ninja Steve transforms an urban legend into a deliciously silly idea for a game. It features a CEO hero...

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First Look: Boinx PhotoBox app for iPad

The guys at Boinx Software have done it again, this time with a product for the iPad. PhotoBox, a free app, is the first iPad app for the company, which is primarily known for its Boinx TV and FotoMagico applications for Mac OS X and the You Gotta See This iPhone photo collage app. What's PhotoBox a...

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First Look: Scosche sneakPEEK II audio-video output solution for iOS

Doing a lot of presentations from an iPad or other iOS device can be problematic if you work with a lot of different video devices. One time you might be hooking your iPad up to a HDTV with a composite connection, the next to a standard definition projector using component video. Buying Apple's Comp...

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TUAW first look: JEOPARDY! for iOS

I'm not one to give up on hope. I've been trying out various incarnations of branded Jeopardy games since dinosaurs roamed the earth (I believe that T. Rex used an early version of Microsoft Windows before going extinct). The latest version to grace us is a US $1.99 mobile app, now available from A...

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TUAW first look and giveaway: Courier simplifies Mac media sharing

Sharing your files, photos, movies, and images with others through online services can sometimes be a hassle for Mac users. For some of us, it's possible to get all of the various interconnections between services set up in such a way that one tweet sends a photo to Facebook, Flickr, and a variety ...

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Dropbox + text editing = Droptext

Most of the bloggers here at TUAW are huge fans of Dropbox, the free cloud storage service. Since you can share documents with all of your iDevices, wouldn't it be nice to be able to edit your files from any of them as well? There are actually several solutions for cross-platform on-the-go Dropbo...

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First Look: Little Mermaid for iPad

Due to appear in App Store this Friday, Juraj Hlavac's "The Little Mermaid" does for Hans Christian Andersen what "Alice for iPad" did for Lewis Carroll. Namely, it transforms the book to a highly interactive, graphically-rich experience for reading. Watching this trailer, I can't help but wi...

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First Look: Interactive Bartleby picture book

My son and I really dug the recent release of the iPad-ized Alice in Wonderland. After reviewing that application, I've been approached by any number of developers working on interactive e-Book titles. For the most part, these have been a disappointment -- providing the iPad equivalent of a "re...

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First Look: Twitter for iPhone

It took a little longer than expected, but Twitter for iPhone (née Tweetie) is now available. Mostly it looks exactly the same as Tweetie 2, with the exception of a new icon (shown here). I was surprised to see that Twitter for iPhone doesn't use OAuth, meaning that we'll be seeing another...

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First Look: Avatron Air Display for iPad extends your Mac screen

Avatron Software already has an iPad hit on their hands with AirSharing (US$2.99, $9.99 for Pro edition). Now they're on the verge of releasing a new and useful app that could change the way that you use your iPad and Mac together. We've got an exclusive pre-release look at this intriguing app, c...

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