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Here's the Mac's first first-person shooter from the 80s

If you've ever spent a evening racking up headshots in Call of Duty or Marathon, you should probably pour one out in respect for MazeWars. Originally released in 1974 MazeWars is widely considered one of the original first-person shooters in history. Players moved a selected avatar through a maze ...

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Eliminate now available on the App Store

Ngmoco's Eliminate has been building up buzz ever since it was announced, and now the first-person shooter is out on the App Store to try for yourself. As you can see above, it offers some relatively basic FPS gameplay when compared to shooters on other platforms (I've been having a lot of fun wit...

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3D Realm: Prey coming to the iPhone

This is pretty exciting -- 3D Realms has announced that their 2006 first-person shooter, Prey, is coming to the iPhone. IGN has a preview up now, and it looks pretty impressive -- the texture work is very well done, and the gravity-defying puzzles that helped the original game stand out as an abov...

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